The Heron Temple and the Knives of the soul that make you reborn: video

“Coltelli is a declaration of love and intentions, in a context in which the relationship lives on the dichotomy between good and evil. Facing the different by being attracted to them, but with the awareness of already being destined to lose. Feeding on pain to experience a constant rebirth. ” The song was born from the chorus, the words and melodies of the latter promptly returned to our heads in that period until we entered the Fat Sounds studio to work on the production. It was like putting together the pieces of a mosaic: Knives is one of those pieces that come to life when all the elements find the perfect balance. An intense and tiring work but at the same time quite fascinating: it pushed us to listen to a lot of new music, thus laying the foundations for the maturation of a more defined and hopefully more and more recognizable sound.

We worked together with Roberto Cammarata on every single detail. He gave us a lot of new inputs and musical references that undoubtedly inspired us throughout the creative process not only of Coltelli but of the entire record. Knives does not fit within our comfort zone; on the contrary, it is a piece that for sonority and lyric immediately led us to ask ourselves questions and consequently seek answers. When we found ourselves in the studio to record it it was clear that the experience accumulated during the recording of the disc was starting to bear fruit. For the Coltelli video clip we have chosen something simple, true and tangible: there is no storyboard and no refined locations and outfits. It’s just the two of us and the natural reactions that the song inspired us. Here, when we talk about leaving the comfort zone, we also refer to this.

During the shooting we made sure that the studio in which we were shooting was not empty, indeed, with us there were many people and friends who made us relive the thrill of performing in front of an audience even though there were no musical instruments in the video. . We can say that Coltelli is truly the first video clip in which The Heron Temple are at the center of everything. Here, now with Coltelli it is clear who The Heron Temple are.