The historic pair of channel 5 said goodbye but now a shocking background appears

The historic and beloved couple of Canale 5 said goodbye: now an unexpected background appears.

2022 saw the birth of many love stories but at the same time, just as many have ended. Many loves have decided to ‘concretize’ the feeling with marriage. There are many examples to do, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez after 20 years of distance they found each other. The actor made her the marriage proposal and she said yes.

Couple saying goodbye (credits: instagram)

That long-awaited yes was first uttered in Las Vegas, secretly. The second time, however, they organized a party that lasted all over the weekend, in Affleck’s house in Georgia where there was no shortage of unexpected events. In fact, the groom’s mother had a small accident, she fell and the couple took her to the hospital. At the end of August Federica Pellegrini got married with Matteo Giunta, her swimming coach. They said yes in Venice and the ceremony was elegant and beautiful.

But love doesn’t always triumph and a historic couple from channel 5 said goodbye. In reality they broke up some time ago but recently some ‘declarations’ have arrived about it that not everyone expected.

The historic couple of channel 5 said goodbye: now an unexpected background is emerging

Love does not always have a happy ending and often the feeling is not enough. A historic couple from Canale 5 said goodbye after a long time together. In 2016 they got married but a few years later they broke up. Their love was born under the eyes of the spotlight and the public, to Men and Women.

They made us dream and the same happened when they chose to participate in Temptation Island. For some years Tara Gabrieletto and Cristian Gallella are no longer together. Several times in the course of their history there was talk of an ongoing crisis and then came to understand that the feeling was too strong to detach. Apparently, however, not everything can be put aside and the story has come to its conclusion. In recent weeks Tara has answered some questions from users who follow her on social networks. Many have come from her relationship with her ex-husband. Someone asked her if he tried to win her back after her breakup.

couple said goodbye
After goodbye, background (credits: instagram)

The former suitor confirmed, pointing out the fact that the moment he lowered his defenses, he disappeared again. “How did a love as big as yours end up? “another follower asked and she said: “Apparently it wasn’t a great love for both of us but only for me at the time“. Someone even asked her about the causes. This time she preferred not to say a word: “I think what you find on google is enough”. Finally, she wrote, answering a question from a user who asked if they had seen that the lawyer exists for that.