The horrible moment that La Rancherita experienced, Caro Molina was deceived by her partners: “They scammed me again”

Carolina Molinaknown as La Rancherita, confessed to having been a victim of fraud in her venture dedicated to the sale of mattresses, by her ex-partner, who led her to become involved in the business and with whom she had a sentimental relationship.

The singer recently spoke with Page 7 of what happened and reflected on the mistakes in undertaking.

A commercial illusion frustrated by deception

La Rancherita explained in the interview that she was excited about her new venture: the sale of mattresses. She had been hired the previous year as the image of a mattress trading company and she established a business relationship with a person who had a company in the field. However, the romance between the two ended in fraud and business disappointment for the singer.

“One learns from mistakes”

Today Carolina Molina talks more calmly about what happened in her mattress business and how her ex-partner cheated on her. The singer recounts that the intention of the business was to help those in need, and although the company seemed serious, the commitment was not fulfilled.

La Rancherita reflects on the mistakes that can be made when undertaking and how these situations can be lessons for future projects.

They scammed me again. There was an arrangement there with a person who had a company, for which I advertised on social networks. Later, unfortunately, I started flirting with that person and mixing things up didn’t come up with anything very good.