The horse racing derby and the Roman football derby together for the first time

On the occasion of the 95th edition of Italian Derby of the Trotthe race dedicated to 3-year-old Italian trotters which represents the most prestigious showcase for local horses of the discipline – the most awaited appointment by breeders, owners, professionals and enthusiasts – will be presented a show with the shirts of Rome and Lazio in an evocative derby also of Roman football. Curated by Asi, Italian Sports and Social Associations and its Roman Committee.

“This is an appointment with a very important double significance. I know what the derby in Rome means, everyone has always told me about it, it was breathed even if in the years I was here, even if I never played it. I have always followed him as a spectator with great attention and constancy. What the fans can do in the stands is something unique. And as far as I am concerned, I feel particularly strong: I feel Roman by adoption “: these are the words of a flag of Rome, Zibì Boniek, who will be one of those present at the Derby del Trotto. Boniek talks about his passion for horses.

“For me the word ‘Derby’ is also very important in the equestrian field: I am the owner of race horses and, in addition, I am a driver at ‘Gentlemen’ races, those reserved for owners. Let’s say that these two disciplines, football and horse racing, are those of my life. My shirt will be present for the exhibition organized by Asi ”.

The first thing they told me when I arrived in Rome was ‘I recommend to the derby’ here this already makes us understand the importance of this battle. I lived the Derby with great passion, with great excitement. The derby in Rome is unique. And I know that the Derby in horse racing is also very important, especially in Rome a few years ago. This initiative and the association it organizes helps many people and has my deepest respect “: this is how it is Cristian Ledesmacaptain of Lazio a few years ago.

An event, that of Sunday, which represents for the city of Rome a moment of great sport and participation: the public has been crowding the stands of the Capannelle facility for some years now, dreaming of a return to the glories of the Sixties and Seventies. Appointment on Sunday 9 October, therefore, for the Italian Derby del Trotto and with the event called “Derby and more“Which will also see an exhibition linked to sports facilities, popular and traditional games, a review of Table Football and Subbuteo and for the little ones, the baptism of the saddle, thanks to the commitment of Asi Sport Equestri, or the possibility of having for the first time the thrill of being on horseback for the little ones. In addition, of course, to the exhibition of the shirts of Lazio and Rome.