The house of Clizia and Paolo Ciavarro is an enchantment: have you ever seen it? There is a crazy “historical” object

Have you ever seen the house of Clizia Incorvaia and Paolo Ciavarro? It is a charm: there is a truly incredible historical object, look here!

Have you ever imagined the homes of VIPs? Recently, we showed you that of Gianni Morandi, an old farmhouse renovated and turned into a real jewel, and that of Rita Rusic with an unmistakable and personalized style, but how is that of Clizia Incorvaia and Paolo Ciavarro?

Casa Clizia and Paolo Ciavarro. Credits: Instagram

Having met each other in the house of Big Brother Vip, the two very young boys easily realized their feeling and immediately began a splendid love story. In spite of everything other people believed, the bond between Clizia and Paolo is truly special! To date, they live happily together in Rome and, a few weeks ago, they became parents of little Gabriele. But what we want to ask you now is: have you ever seen their house? To show it in every smallest facet, it was the couple at the cameras of MTV Cribs. In their love nest nothing is missing, we assure you!

The house of Clizia Incorvaia and Paolo Ciavarro: a dream love nest

As we said, therefore, in the house of Clizia Incorvaia and Paolo Ciavarro absolutely nothing is missing! From an immense terrace to the walk-in closet, their love nest is truly a dream. Ready to find out all its details?

casa paolo e clizia
Home stay. Credits: Youtube

The first room that Clizia and Paolo showed to the MTV Cribs cameras was the living room. This part of the house is quite large and bright with a large sofa that the influencer herself defined as “the right compromise between me and Paolo”.

paolo cooks home
Home kitchen. Credits: Youtube

Remaining in the living area, the tenant shows the kitchen. Here, too, nothing is missing: starting from a light stone table and all the useful objects for the preparation of succulent dishes, the kitchen has been defined as the “kingdom of Paolo Ciavarro”

clizia cabin
Walk-in closet. Credits: Youtube

The queen of glamor could not fail to have her own walk-in closet! Inside, there is everything you need for stratospheric outfits.

bedroom house
Clizia Paolo bedroom. Credits: Youtube

Like the whole house, the bedroom is also very large. What absolutely cannot go unnoticed is the bed, whose keyboard is made of coconuts. Finally, the “Instagrammable side” used as a room for little Gabriele is also impressive.

house entrance
The entrance to the house. Credits: Youtube

Finally, like the living room, the entrance is also very large! In this area of ​​the house there is no lack of a corner dedicated to books and a delightful pink armchair. But not only. To the cameras of MTV Cribs, the good Ciavarro cannot help but show a “Historical” object. This is an electrogram from the 1950s. “It is the first gift my grandfather gave to my grandmother”, he said, also revealing the immense emotional bond.