The house of paper 5, Rafael conquers everyone: who is the actor who plays the son of Berlin

Rafael has conquered everyone in La casa di carta 5: in this article we tell you who is the actor who plays the son of Berlin

Her character made a surprise debut in the fifth and final season of the beloved television series. He plays the son of Berlin, a member of the band and brother of the Professor. Nobody knew of its existence, but its role, in the course of the series, becomes crucial and we could also find it in the spin-off in production on Berlin.

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The paper house, all crazy about Rafael: who is the actor (Source: Instagram)

The house of paper 5, who is the actor who plays Rafael

In the fifth and final season of “The paper house”A new character broke into the story. It is about Rafael, son of Berlin and grandson of the Professor. At the beginning he is very awkward, but after the ‘baptism of fire’ wanted by his father he too will begin to ‘wink’. The blood of a thief runs in his veins and he too will probably have this fate.

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The character of Rafael has conquered everyone, also thanks to the extraordinary interpretation of the actor who plays his role, that is Patrick Criado. Do you know the actor? If you don’t know who he is, in this article we bring you some news about him.

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Patrick Criado de la Puerta is a Spanish actor, born on September 23, 1995 in Madrid. He is 26 years old and despite his young age he already has one career of all levels. Before becoming famous thanks to the television series “The casa de papel“, In fact, Criado has taken part in other films and TV series.


He has indeed become known for his role in the TV series “Águila Roja”, but he has also performed in series such as “Mar de plastico”, “Unauthorized Living” and “Riot Police”. Criado also played the role of Efraín in the 2013 film “La gran familia española”, directed by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo. His performance in the film earned him a Goya Award nomination for Best Newcomer Actor. He recently won the Feroz Award for Best Supporting Actor for the TV series “Antidisturbo”.

He is currently engaged in the fifth and final season of “La casa di carta” in the role – in fact – of Rafael. He could soon fill the same role in the spin-off dedicated to the Berlin character.