The House of Paper: title and teaser trailer of the Korean remake revealed

The curiosity about the Korean project based on the hit series The House of Paper it is a lot and news on product developments has been running around the net for several weeks. In anticipation of the debut by 2022, Netflix Asia has announced that the extended title of the new show will be Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area. An interesting first teaser has also appeared online that will delight the many fans of the Spanish project in the world called not to miss the appointment with the new Asian remake.

The show: 12 episodes directed by Kim Hong-sun

A minute of images and the presentation of the members of the main cast, each with the nickname with which it will be identified in the gang next to it, names of cities of the world, just like in the original version created by Álex Pina, also producer of this new adaptation. The House of Paper Korea branded will soon arrive in streaming on Netflix but for the moment there is still no date for the debut of this product nor of that linked to the figure of Berlin, the European spin-off announced last December that will be released in 2023.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, this is the original title of the remake of the Spanish series, is a product of BH Entertainment and Contents Zium articulated in twelve episodthe long sixty minutes each. As for the famous precedent, it will be the story of a gigantic robbery designed and executed by a group of desperate people led by a leader called “The Professor” set, however, on the Korean Peninsula.

Director of the show, the forty-five year old Kim Hong-sun which boasts precedents for both TV and cinema, where he made his debut in 2012 with the thriller Traffickers which earned him Best Newcomer at the “Blue Dragon Film Award”; after other titles that received good reviews, he measured himself with the horror genre with the 2019 film Metamorphosis, in the wake of The exorcist.

the cast of the remake: Park Hae-soo will be Berlin

The teaser of Money Heist: Korea devotes ample space to the main characters which are presented in a particularly attractive way. The cast will feature Yoo Ji-tae, already in Oldboy, in the role of the Professor, Jeon Jong-seo in Tokyo, Lee Won-jong, in the cast of The Guest, like Moscow. Kim Ji-hun, who starred in Lost, will be Denver, Jang Yoon-ju will be Nairobi, Lee Hyun-woo will be playing Rio, Kim Ji-Hoon will be Helsinki and Lee Kyu-ho will be giving the face in Oslo. Park Hae-soo, actor who appeared in the series Prison Playbook And Squid Game, will impersonate instead Berlin, the character who The Casa de Papel it had been entrusted to Pedro Alonso. The Korean actor had sent a message to his Spanish alter ego last November, on the occasion of a virtual event dedicated to the original series that was nearing the end in which he said he was honored by the opportunity to join the remake project of such a beloved production. of which he, in turn, is a big fan.