The house where the actor couple lives will leave you breathless: huge walk-in closet

The house where the splendid couple of actors live: it will leave you speechless to discover these details, a huge walk-in closet and much more

I’m one of the most popular cinema couples ever. Seeing them melts our hearts! Theirs is a love story that began in a way that is certainly a bit unusual, or maybe not. As friends as they were, they found themselves sharing more than just a friendship. The love between the two has taken over, and here they are today husband and wife forming one of the most beautiful couples in the world of entertainment.

the house of the magnificent actors (Credits: Instagram)

We tell you how their love story was born, let’s see if in a few lines you will be able to understand who we are talking about! Knowing where they live today and what a wonderful home later will leave you speechless. A real daydream!

A love story that comes from a previous friendship. The two beloved actors, before becoming a couple had undertaken relationships with other people. However, these weren’t destined to become anything particularly serious, compared to how much the two felt little by little they felt for each other.

Since 2011, the love between the two has blossomed, dancing in a completely empty club. They have since become one of the most loved couples. To this day they still declare themselves good friends before being husband and wife. Who knows, is this their secret? Accomplices on the magnificent Red Carpet as well as in the private sector. And speaking of private spaces, seeing the home of the beloved couple of actors will leave you speechless!

The dream house of the splendid couple of actors: would you ever have imagined it like this?

In the beautiful city of stars, it is certainly one of the couples that shines the most. They are real stars in Hollywood and among other things they are loved all over the world. Taken individually or in pairs, the beautiful Blake Lively and the splendid Ryan Reynolds, are the most loved characters among Hollywood stars. A dream life that they lead together. On the catwalk as in the private sector, their immense complicity is evident.

But do you know where the beloved couple of actors live? Their dream home will leave you speechless. 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a wonderful walk-in closet as well as a large outdoor area that surrounds the entire cottage surrounded by greenery. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds live in the beautiful Big Apple. A splendid villa located in Cross River purchased by the couple for the fateful sum of 5.7 million dollars.

The beautiful couple’s house is divided on several levels. On the lower floor we find, starting from the outside, a wonderful and large garden that surrounds the entire house with a characteristic telephone booth that gives a slightly retro air.

house actors
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ home (Credits: Instagram)

The interiors of the house on the lower floor are characterized by parquet floors, a brick effect on the walls and warm colors that make everything particularly welcoming. A wonderful sofa in shades of coffee enriches the living room.

house actors
Blake Lively in the living room (Credits: Instagram)

Heading towards the rooms, what strikes us in particular is the walk-in closet of the splendid actress.

Blake Lively walk-in closet (Credits: Instagram)

Accessories and designer garments everywhere, a real daydream don’t you find?