The Hunt, Marco Bocci’s black fairy tale is in the cinema. VIDEO

Marco Bocci directs his second film as director “The Hunt” in theaters from 11 May. A kind of black fairy tale in which four brothers come together to divide the inheritance after the death of their father. The traumas of a past that has never been overcome, however, will resurface with all their violence. Here’s what the director who also plays a small part in the film told us.


“I tackled the theme of the film, essentially going in a different direction than one might have expected and also compared to my directorial debut which was “A Tor Bella Monaca never rains”.

I followed my instincts and I worked to tell the story that I wanted to share with the audience and wanted to film.

The story is that of four brothers who have to deal with themselves trying to forget something they lived together as children.

They were raised by a father who was somehow too strict with them and who tried to make them grow according to the laws of hunting whereby the stronger prevails over the weaker, thus trying to initiate them into a path that he believed to be right.

In truth, growing up they realized that they brought that past inside much more than they could have expected.

The moment that makes them meet again is precisely the death of their father and the division of the inheritance.

The Title “The Hunt” may perhaps give rise to misunderstandings, because it is true that we are talking about a father who was a hunter, but in truth the title addresses a hunt for “souls” by the four brothers, a path through which they must find their way outlet’s say almost one’s own salvation!

In the cast we find Laura Chiatti, Pietro Sermonti, Paolo Pierobon, Filippo Nigro which are precisely the four brothers.

I like working with actors, maybe because I’m an actor too and I know the frailties we can have on set.

In truth, I also like to do a long preparatory work with them and I trust the actors a lot, I like to find out how far they can go and I find it right to also leave some room for improvisation.

In general anyway I’m a pretty instinctive person and I like to go with the flow, follow what I want to tell.

I also like to mix genres a bit, I don’t focus on a single “register”.

After all, I’m like this in every aspect of my life: I like to follow my instincts and above all I’m a bit hyper-adrenaline, not only at work, but in everything!

In my opinion this film can please and satisfy both the simple cinema lover who goes to the cinema for pure entertainment, and a spectator who wants something more, perhaps to reflect for a few hours on what he has seen.

Naturally it is also a film that reflects on family relationships, on the ties with which we grow up. Everything starts from the family, our security, our insecurities, fragility or indecision. I believe that the film makes us reflect on how much our past manages to contaminate us.