The Idol, HBO will produce the first tv series of The Weeknd

HBO focuses on music and, in this case, on the notoriety of the characters involved. There is the name of The Weeknd behind the project of the series “The Idol”, a show announced for some time and which has already sparked the curiosity of the experts precisely because of the unprecedented character of its filmmakers. The US network therefore aims to conquer a new slice of the public and to obtain the loyalty of the very young, the much sought-after Generation Z which is among the main users of streaming and on-demand television products.

The Weeknd in the cast with Lily Rose Deep

Expectations are rising for “The Idol” now that the show has obtained the support from the production point of view of the prestigious HBO, a broadcaster that has produced and distributed some of the biggest serial hits of the last decade and beyond, many of which have been broadcast in Italy. from Sky Atlantic.
Certainly “The Idol” will be a show that will attract the curiosity of many, since it will involve co-creator The Weeknd, also on the set, in front of the camera. Fans are already wondering about his character who will be one of the protagonists of the night club scene in which the story is set. According to the official synopsis, the series will tell the story of a singer who falls in love with a manager of one of the Los Angeles clubs where she is engaged. Man hides gods mysterious and obscure interests, among them, belonging to a secret sect.

Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye will therefore be one of the components of the main cast in which he also appears Lily-Rose Deep, the young daughter of the two international stars Johnny Deep and Vanessa Paradise, already known as a model and as an interpreter, soon to the cinema with two new films: “Silent Night” by Camille Griffin and “Wolf”.

In recent months, the names of other actors involved have also leaked, including: Anne Heche, Troye Silvan, Steve Zissis and Suzanna Son.

Sam Levinson was among the producers

Engaged in the triple and demanding role of interpreter, screenwriter and producer, The Weeknd will not be alone at the helm of the processing of this ambitious project. Among the producers of “The Idol”, a drama series that will consist of six episodes, there is also Sam Levinson, director and screenwriter born in 1985, who in recent years has linked his name to many products appreciated by critics and audiences. Among these, the feature film “Malcom & Marie” and the TV series “Euphoria” undoubtedly stand out, two titles that share the same leading actress, Zendaya, an icon of younger viewers.