The impact of equestrian sports in the economic system, at the Luiss research presentation

Equestrian sports as a resource of the country. Here is what emerges from reading the data relating to the growth of the sector in the last period. With the development of new techniques and new technologies, we are witnessing a progressive sophistication of the sports market. Can equestrian sports be an opportunity for the future? On Wednesday 1 December at 10:00 at the Luiss Business School, Villa Blanc – Via Nomentana, 216 the research on: “The impact of equestrian sports on the Italian economic system” will be presented in a conference.

Never before has sport played the role of a “total social factor”, in the words of the anthropologist Marcel Mauss. The new paradigms of social aggregation, partly determined by the inevitable evolution of the times, and partly accelerated by the pandemic, are reflected in “sport” understood as an expression of cultural, educational, political and economic values. In particular, the economic effects that sport generates are often at the center of debates and even controversial studies.

The progress in performance we have witnessed in recent years, due both to the refinement of the specific techniques of each discipline and to the enormous technological evolution, coincides with an increasingly “professional” vision of sport (including that practiced at an amateur level). The numbers are impressive and constantly rising, according to the trends highlighted by the latest statistics.

There are countless sectors involved in the equestrian industry and in each of them companies that invest in research and development of innovative materials, technologies and solutions to make the standards of well-being and safety of horses and riders more and more adequate. The impact of equestrian sports on the Italian GDP is at the heart of “Il Cavallo Vincente”, the study carried out in collaboration with the Luiss Business School and Fise, the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports.

Among the speakers there will be prominent names such as Valentina Vezzali, Undersecretary of State to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers with responsibility for Sport, Giovanni Malagò, President of Coni, Anna Gatti, Director of Intesa San Paolo, Marco Di Paola, President of Fise, Simone Perillo , Secretary General of Fise, Paolo Boccardelli, Dean of the Luiss Business School, Giovanni Mantovani, General Manager of VeronaFiere SPA, Fabio Schiavolin, Ad Snaitech, Diego Nepi Molineris, General Director of Sport and Health Spa, Roberto Tavani, Presidency of the Lazio Region, Delegation to Sport, Alessandro Onorato, Councilor for Tourism, Major Events and Sport for the Municipality of Rome, and other special guests.