The important decision that Benjamín Vicuña made after the death of his father

Benjamin Vicuna he does not have a positive present at all, given the death of his father, so they had to cancel the performances of “The Grönholm Method”. With all the pain that it means, the actor is already back in the country and expressed how he feels: “A very special day because it is also my daughter’s anniversary, but what better than getting on stage, a place that I like, that makes me fly and pay homage to the people you love,” he said in front of the cameras.

About what it was like to reunite with his family that is an inheritance from his father, this time with reasons of pain, Benjamin Vicuna He reflected: “It was something very nice that my old man achieved. I was able to go through a difficult moment that people understand and know, but we were able to live it as a family, with my brothers, as appropriate,” replied the handsome interpreter and added that “The healthy theatre.

One of the people who supported him in everything he had to live was his ex-partner, the Argentine model Carolina “Pampita” Ardohainwhich I do not hesitate to thank Benjamin, everything that his father and his family made him experience when they carried out their intense love. “Yes, well, imagine, it was part of it and we are family,” declared the artist born in the Chilean capital.

Another of the topics that the actor had to tell in front of the microphones was a new anniversary of the death of who was his first daughter, along with Pampita. 10 years after Blanca’s death, Vicuna revealed on the networks that he will launch a book: “Here I am, closing this cycle and starting others, embarked on the process of writing a book, with my limitations, with my sensitivity, with my metaphors and my shortcomings. A book that will try to heal many other people who, like me, a date was marked by fire”.

On the fact that a decade has already passed, but the pain does not stop, the ex of China Suarez He mentioned that “10 years have flown by and I found in these publications an encounter with many people who lived it or are living it, who find no consolation and the book has a bit to do with the same thing, with the company, with a kind of reference with something so painful that it is difficult to put it into words”.