The impressive photo session of Karol G’s sister, in the jacuzzi

Katherin Giraldo is the younger sister of Carol G, but who has managed to make his own way away from music and the stage. La blonda is an excellent businesswoman and content creator, who already has more than 121,000 followers on her Instagram account. Each of them follows in her footsteps in everything she does.

Although they don’t see each other very often, the influencer has a very good relationship with Bichota. Some time ago she proposed to her fans in the comment box “Let’s talk for a while”. One of them asked him without resentment: “My beautiful KatherineWhat do you think of everything that is happening with Karol?

Without mincing words and with much love towards his sister, Catherine He replied: “I think that nothing bad is happening to her, on the contrary, all the best in the universe is happening to her, because she deserves everything, because she is a warrior, a fighter, a tesa, she is the best at what she does ”.

Source: Instagram @katheringiraldo19

A few hours ago, the entrepreneur took a few days off with some friends. “The complete combi” wrote the youngest of the Giraldo in a post where he showed that there were four people and three dogs. Then, she wowed her fans with an amazing new photo shoot from the outdoor hot tub with the scenery in the background.

“Taking Vitamin D. Do you like sunbathing??” Karol G’s sister commented to her fans while she posed at different angles with an animal print swimsuit. The post quickly surpassed 3,800 likes and 50 comments. “God bless you and your beautiful body” and “you are super beautiful kat” were just some of them.