The incredible list of gifts that R’Bonney Gabriel will receive after consecrating Miss Universe

the american model R’Bonney Gabriel it was consecrated a few days ago as the new miss Universe And now through her social networks, where she has accumulated more than 645,000 followers from all over the world, she shares her life as a beauty queen from New York City.

R’Bonney Gabriel He will live for the duration of his reign in the luxurious apartment that the organization puts up miss Universe at his disposal in New York and will also receive a salary of approximately 3 thousand dollars a year for his representation and public relations work in different destinations.

R’Bonney Gabriel Food, mobility and service expenses in New York are covered and there is also a multidisciplinary team at your disposal to accompany you and prepare you for each work commitment you have. It is made up of make-up artists, hairdressers, nutritionists, photographers, dermatologists and dentists.

R’Bonney Gabriel. Source: instagram @rbonneynola

miss Universe It also pays for the trips you have to make R’Bonney Gabriel As a beauty queen and in parallel, she will be able to continue working on her clothing line, since she is a textile designer, and accept job proposals from different international brands that want her as an image of their products.

R’Bonney Gabriel. Source: instagram @rbonneynola

R’Bonney Gabriel should make the most of its international exposure as miss Universe and do a lot of networking so that after leaving the crown, they have a secure future, in which they will have to get used to receiving many fewer gifts than during this 2023 that has just begun.