The indiscretion leaves everyone stunned: December 21 will be their last episode, sensational

The indiscretion leaves everyone stunned: December 21 will be their last episode, a sensational twist.

It looks like we’re going to have to say goodbye. Their contract with Mediaset has come to an end and on 21 December the last episode in which we will see them will air.

Shock indiscretion: December 21 will be their last episode (Source Instagram)

Their careers in various programs of Italy 1 guaranteed them incredible success. Their cheerfulness and sympathy, together with their way of doing satire, marked the success of various programs. But apparently their adventure in the program Hyenas has come to an end. As reported by TvBlog, we will not see the historical conductor again next year in the program Nicola Savino, who will be busy with the new project Back to School. The uncertainty that hovered around the new broadcast was great, but it would seem that the program will air starting on January 4th.

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Sensational: it will be their last episode!

The contract with the Milanese company has come to an end, after being renewed for a year and a half last autumn. We are talking about the well-known comic trio of Gialappa’s Band, formed by Marco Santin, Carlo Taranto and Giorgio Gherarducci. They gave us fun with their jokes and their harmony, but now we will have to say goodbye to their presence at Hyenas. Their collaboration began way back in 1985, and since that moment the lucky comic trio has never separated. Thus began the season of their works in multiple broadcasts, starting from the football news, from infotaiment programs, up to even reality shows, including the Big Brother And The Island of the Famous.

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it will be their last episode
Source Instagram

The main feature of the trio is the expression “Never say ..” accompanied by the program they were dealing with. It is not yet clear whether the Gialappa’s Band has new work projects on the horizon, but what is certain is that for now there will be no future collaborations with Mediaset. Their great talent will surely lead them to new opportunities. In all the Gialappa’s Band participated in more than 50 programs, all of which were often at home Mediaset. We are curious to find out who will take the place of Nicola Savino at Hyenas and above all what other projects the comic trio has in sebum for us.

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We look forward to seeing you again soon Gialappa’s Band, and enjoy some good fun.