The ingenious business of Ali, the son of Gonzalo Valenzuela and Juana Viale

Juana Viale She is the mother of 4 children, 3 of them she had with Gonzalo Valenzuela, while they were married between 2005 and 2014. The eldest is Ámbar de Benedictis, her first daughter she had with her first partner, the son of singer Piero. Juana is not one to talk too much about her private life, much less about her children. However, when she does it, she does it with a lot of love.

Juana Viale and her lemons. Source: Instagram @juanavialeoficial.

In one of the last programs of his grandmother Mirtha Legrand, Juana Viale shared a tender anecdote about his youngest son. This is Ali Valenzuela, who is 10 years old. The little boy apparently has the soul of an entrepreneur, so much so that he has already started his first business.

Juana Viale He said that he sells his son from the door of his house: “My youngest son is a love, he is selling lemonade at the door of the house!” Viale said. And he added with a laugh: “He sells it for 30 pesos, it is a genius. He isn’t even enough for a lollipop, but hey. He tells me that the lemons are from the tree, that they don’t cost”.

Juana Viale and her lemons. Source: Instagram @juanavialeoficial.

In complicity with the guests he had on that occasion, Juana Vialea bit mischievous with the political situation in Argentina, concluded by saying: “It is a mini SME, they are going to charge us taxes, so we are going to do it from home, we are going to continue in that way.” All the diners of the moment succumbed to the tenderness to imagine the little one selling lemonade on the sidewalk.In the driver’s Instagram you can see some photos with his lemon plant.

The new love of Juana Viale

In the meantime, Juana Viale he faces the rumors of separation and new love. She was on vacation in Chile, and was linked to the son of the Olympic athlete Santiago Lange. It is about the young Yago Lange, a boy full of good convictions, he is an environmentalist and apparently that could be one of the passions that united him with Juana Viale.