The Innovation Oscars – 2023 ANGI Award presented

Beatrice Venezi awarded with the Innovation Leader Award. Ceremony on December 6th at the Temple of Vibia Sabina and Hadrian in Rome

The press conference of the sixth edition of the Innovation Oscars – ANGI Award 2023 was held within the splendid setting of the Europe Experience of the European Parliament. The President Gabriele Ferrieri of ANGI – National Association of Young Innovators, who thus commented: “We are pleased with the important participation of institutions, businesses and young people for this unmissable event which highlighted the guidelines of the innovation Oscar ceremony which will take place on 6 December at the Temple of Vibia Sabina and Adriano. Special thanks to the Director Carlo Corazza of the European Parliament, to Alessandro Morelli Undersecretary of the Presidency of the Council but above all to the extraordinary Beatrice Venezi, orchestra director and our testimonial who received the Innovation Leader Award, to highlight the importance of promoting the female empowerment but above all the diffusion of Italian culture for which Beatrice represents a wonderful example for our country”.

The ANGI Award aims to give meritocratic recognition to the dream team of Italian innovation which on the occasion of the celebrations on 6 December will also see the presence of some of the most important Italian and European institutions, as well as important Italian and international companies with a view to open innovation. The occasion of the press conference was also favorable for ANGI – National Association of Young Innovators to launch an appeal to the institutions, both the Meloni government and the European Union, with the aim of putting the innovation and digital transformation to support future generations and at the same time develop the country’s ecosystem for economic and social progress in the name of sustainability.

On the European vision, during the important works, the important words of Carlo Corazza, Director of the European Parliament Offices in Italy, declared: “The first thing we must do is to all help each other and give strength to the European project, to our common home. Let us remember that democracy dies without this common commitment. First and foremost, however, the digital transition and the connections between businesses and young professions. Then there are the questions about the future that cannot be answered without young people and innovation, especially for institutional reforms.”

The Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council, Alessandro Morelli, spoke on behalf of the Government: “Not only culture but all issues related to the new generations are at the center of the government’s policies. Of absolute relevance is the need to take steps forward for the safety of women who must have the freedom and opportunity to choose. Therefore, music and culture are at the center of the Government’s policies to support large productions outside the circuits as well. A necessary path for the growth of the country.”

The central topical moment was the award ceremony and the speech by the conductor and musician Beatrice Venezi, consultant to the Ministry of Culture and already mentioned among the most influential ForbesU30 in Italy who commented as follows: “Mozart wrote in Italian, we have arrived at a trivialization of the composition’s structure, while the great tradition of Italian music has accustomed us to the opposite. There is a need, on the basis of merit, and thanks to the ability to attract young people, to undermine this process of trivialisation. During the pandemic we have witnessed attempts to innovate performances but the human aspect, linked to contact with the public, the waves of live sound, are not aspects that can be replicated with the same digital effects. Therefore we need to work on dissemination and communication, moving away from academic canons and from a narrative that is always the same. We must recognize the common roots to innovate language and research. For example, some technologies such as augmented reality can help us perceive what is happening during a live performance. The culture and the music must be pop and attractive to bring the public back to the theaters and to do this we must also go back to talking about classical music.”

The data from the Angi Ricerche Observatory in collaboration with Lab21.01 was also presented in preview by the director of the ANGI scientific committee, prof. Roberto Baldassari. The general director of ANGI Francesco Paolo Russo then highlighted the great progress towards 2023. The declarations and interventions of the stakeholders alongside ANGI are also important and detailed, including the delegates of the National Research Council, Bayer Farmaceutica, Carrefour Italia, Building Heritage, Errebian, Cottorella and Unimarconi. All the others will then be protagonists again during the awards ceremony on 6 December, including A2A, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, META; Team System, Edenred, Swag, Marzullo and Ciù Ciù.