The ‘io parlo padel’ project is born

Padel is a young sport that is conquering different countries and generations day by day. It is a fun, socializing, immediate sport that can be practiced by everyone, at different ages, sexes, technical abilities and physical conditions. It is a discipline that associates high-level competitive athletes with sportsmen looking for simple fun with the pleasure of competition. A discipline that is divided between tennis and squash, Padel is played in doubles (2 against 2) but it is more dynamic and exciting and more engaging than the two activities from which it derives; the ease of the technique allows you to learn to play in a short time being able to immediately appreciate those improvements necessary to become passionate.

In addition to being fun, it is also a valid physical activity to keep fit, within the reach of all sportsmen both amateurs and agonists, it can be a reason for fun or even simply an opportunity to meet and get together with friends and family and to psychological therapy. Padel is a source of important psycho-physical benefits: a complete sport that derives from the combination of different sports is practiced both outdoors and indoors, improves the cardiovascular system, respiratory capacity and increases strength and muscle tone and psyche. .

The padel contributes to a good physical development, which is fundamental in the growth phases, since the activity carried out today will determine the future physical shape. Padel not only produces physical benefits, but also helps the little ones in the emotional and psychological aspects, very important aspects in these early stages of growth and development. In this sense, the dynamic of the padel allows children to collaborate with each other, make friends, and develop the motivation to improve match after match.

This extremely dynamic sport also allows the body to experience enormous benefits such as: Improvement of coordination, agility and reactivity. It is one of the remedies to prevent the onset of depression. Helps to avoid muscle atrophy or body disorders by optimizing its elasticity. It requires 4 players and is perfect for spending time socializing with new friends or having fun with your own. It increases self-esteem and the desire for improvement. The player, the child acquires self-discipline which is also very useful in other areas of life such as school and work. It improves the cardiovascular and cardiovascular system, reducing the risk of heart attacks or heart failure. Increases strength, muscle tone, allows the release of endorphins. It is an outlet for the problems of everyday life. It improves the quality of rest and sleep by decreasing headache attacks.

Its progressive involvement at every social level is causing talk of “PADEL DEPENDENCE”, because there is an increasingly consolidated trend of mass approach to this activity which represents a great opportunity for sport in general and which aims to increase moments of socialization and intergenerational aggregation.

The Io parlo Padel project is exclusively dedicated to children and young people and adults with disabilities, with the enthusiasm, sensitivity of Rolando Luzi player and instructor, a well-known character in the padel sector and in all circles of the capital, creator of the project Fiera Padel di Roma, as well as former manager of the Varenne champion, with the support of his friend Sociologist Pier Paolo Pinto, and of Dr. Chiara Minelli, expert in social issues, with the collaboration of psychologists, mental coaches, sportsmen, established athletes and expert connoisseurs of sports dynamics that firmly believe in the possibility for disabled people to be able to experience sport at 360 degrees and strengthen the spirit of aggregation and teamwork, and the support of young padel players sensitive to the project for the creation of the Fabio Maiolo logo and Andrea De Carolis. The privileged objective is basically that of allowing people with disabilities to become part of a true sporting and social reality which is currently reserved only for the able-bodied.