The irony of Max Pezzali: “Am I the last one at the Circus Maximus? They will say that I brought bad luck”

Tonight the ‘Circo Max’ concert event in front of 56,000 spectators: “I haven’t slept for two nights, it’s an emotion that cannot be explained”, confesses the artist. On stage with many guests

“Will I be the last to play at the Circus Maximus? They’ll say I brought bad luck”. Max Pezzali relies on a joke to ease the tension before going on stage at the Circus Maximus, in front of 56,000 spectators, for the ‘Circo Max’ concert-event which closes a year of live successes (a total of 520,000 tickets sold so far), which began in July 2022 at San Siro. “I haven’t slept for two nights. It’s amazing to be here. For one of my generation, who has been doing this job for 30 years, coming to the Circus Maximus is an emotion that cannot be explained. I’ll rationalize it later also because if I had to do it now I’d panic”, he says. While on the availability of the location, after the controversy following the Travis Scott concert, Clemente Zard intervenes who with Vivo Concerti organizes the Pezzali tour and the date of the Circus Maximus “There was a political controversy but this concert was planned, there is practicability, the public is inside. I don’t know what will happen in the future but in my opinion nothing will change”, he says.

“Pezzali has achieved extraordinary success, with sold outs throughout Italy, a fact that is not obvious for an artist historically linked more to the north. It is precisely because it has been an extraordinary year that it doesn’t end here”, announces Zard. Pezzali will therefore continue his live journey also in 2024 but that of the Circus Maximus is the last concert of 2023. “At my age – comments Max ironically – we live for the day and continue, thanks to the creative madness of Clemente Zard, who he believed right away.” And for the preparation of the party at the Circus Maximus he spared no expense: “Money was never better spent”, says Zard.

The lineup moves between amarcord and duets with guests, with whom Max will exchange repertoires: with him on stage many colleagues from the past and the future, from Riccardo dei Pinguini to Article 31, from Dargen D’Amico to Lazza, from Gazzelle to Colapesce Dimartino and Paola&Chiara. With each of them Max sings a piece by himself and one from the guest’s repertoire. “This concert – explains Pezzali – is the three-dimensional representation of the whole pop universe that I have told in my songs, everything is in it. I called some friends with whom it was nice to share this emotion. With some we went part of the way together, like Article 31 and Paola&Chiara. I’ve known Lazza since he was a child, he used to come to my concerts. Now let’s go on stage at the Circus Maximus together: a beautiful story to tell. There are ties and common paths with each of them. As if pulled the strings of so many years of my history”. The great absentee (due to the accident he had this summer) is Jovanotti: “Lorenzo for obvious reasons can’t be here but it would have been the apotheosis. I started doing this job by listening to him”, underlines Max.

The songs cover a time span of 20 years, from 1992’s ‘Non me la menare’ to 2013’s ‘The universe except us’. ‘A love song’. Songs that have remained over time and that many generations like: “I believe that the songs of that period represented a true collective moment, capable of unleashing great emotions even after many years”.

by Antonella Nesi