The Isola dei Famosi is back on the air with Ilary Blasi: the names of the first competitors

The Isola dei Famosi is about to make its return with Ilary Blasi as the manager: the names of the first competitors are revealed

His return to TV was undoubted, but we now know for sure that Ilary Blasi will return to conducting the new edition of theIsland of the Famous. The television season continues at this time with the airing of the reality show by Alfonso Signorini. Big Brother in recent weeks has certainly given us unpublished moments in front of the screen.

Competitors Island (Credits: Facebook)

Right now, although all eyes are on the Cinecittà house, attention is also being paid to the new edition of Isola. One wonders when it will be back on the air. Until recently, everyone was wondering if and when we would see Ilary Blasi again on these screens. And apparently, we have an answer because the well-known presenter will make her return to conducting the wildest reality show ever. In this regard, the first rumors emerge regarding the new edition of the show. And to bring them back is the weekly Nuovo which would have let people know the names of the first contestants taken into consideration.

The Isola dei Famosi returns in 2023: the names of the first competitors

After the closure of the edition aired in this 2022, here are the preparations for the airing of the new season of theIsland of the Famous. Shortly after the end of the sixteenth edition of the reality show which ended on June 27, 2022 with the return of the castaways from Honduras and the victory of Nicolas Vaporidis, a bitter surprise literally shocked us. The separation between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti was in fact one of the topics that was most talked about during the summer season and which is still being talked about.

island competitors
Ilary, Island of the famous (Credits: Youtube)

According to the first rumors, Ilary Blasi would not have wanted to take over the reins of conducting the new edition of the Island, but would have later changed his mind. Well, now that we are talking about organizing the new edition of the show and that Blasi is confirmed as host, we are starting to think about the possible faces that could take part in this new adventure. The weekly Nuovo, in this regard, let it be known that there would be a series of names at stake. Among these, it would seem that the presenter as well as the authors would have turned their interest to Veronica Cozzani, the mother of the Rodriguez brothers. In previous editions, we have in fact seen the other members of the Rodriguez family taking part in the Island. First Belen, then Cecilia, later Jeremias and then last year when we had the opportunity to participate with a family member, we thus saw Jeremias Rodiguez and father Gustavo on the Isola dei Famosi. Although the authors are interested in mother Veronica, the woman had previously also made it known that she was not inclined to participate in a reality show. So, should we assume that hers will be a no?

Veronica Cozzani and the other possible competitors

But that of Veronica Cozzani is not the only name boiling in the pot. There would also be talk of participation in the reality show of Dayane Mello, Alessia Macari who had just previously expressed the desire to return to TV and there would also be the name of Loredana Lecciso with her daughter Jasmine. In any case, since we are still dealing with hypotheses, nothing is certain. But we just need to wait a little longer to feed our curiosity!

And who would you like to see in the new edition of the Island of the Famous?