The Italian championship class 6.50 has started, the first regatta is the Tuscan Archipelago

The Arcipelago 6.50 started at 13.24 today, with 7 knots from the west: the first regatta of the Italian Mini Class 6.50 Championship. The organization of the regatta announces it in a note. It consists of 180 double miles along the route Punta Ala – Isola dello Sparviero – Giannutri – Giglio – Pianosa – Elba Island – Capraia – Elba Island – Punta Ala for the twenty crews equally divided between Series (ten crews) and Proto (ten crews) who showed up on the starting line.

“For the entire duration of the event, forecasts on the regatta field will be influenced by high pressure which will affect the entire area of ​​the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, with light winds and clear skies. We expect both moments with light airs and with winds above 15 kn. In these conditions the technique will surely make the difference with the small adjustments that will be able to change the result. The minists will find themselves faced with very technical conditions where the search for speed will make the difference and the strategy will be very delicate especially near the large islands and their coverage cones. Among the most delicate passages is that of Fetovaia in the southwest of the Island of Elba and the ascent towards Capraia.”

This year’s edition of the Arcipelago is characterized by a significant increase in the number of members compared to the previous edition: 19 crews entered against the 14 of the 2022 edition; in particular the Protos recorded the most significant increase going from 3 to 10 in this year’s edition.

“This year we are certainly very happy because the number of boats is increasing year after year: this year we were expecting about 25, then due to adverse weather conditions not everyone managed to reach Punta Ala – says Matteo Sericano, newly elected president of the Mini Class 6.50 Italia, and winner of the past edition of the Arcipelago 6.50 for the Proto category paired with Giovanni Licursi a few hours before the start-. We set off in 20 boats and we are enthusiastic above all because the Mini fleet is proving to be very dynamic, active and involved. A wonderful spirit of participation in class life is being created and we are pleased to see boats of all types: old prototypes of crews with years of experience but also many new entries.”

Also on the starting line were Alessandro Torresani and Francesco Fabiani from the Circolo della Vela Sicilia, winners last year in the Serie category. “There’s a lot of uncertainty about the weather conditions at the start: we’re hoping for a breeze but the race will be very tough especially for the new boats which do better with more wind while suffering in light air conditions. After this regatta I plan to participate in the GPI, then two solo regattas on the French coast of the Atlantic waiting for September with the Mini Transat.” The 2023 edition is characterized by the participation of 14 Italian crews and 6 French crews.

Among these, at his debut in the Mini 6.50 Class regattas, Andrea Cupaioli, from Milan: “I have been sailing since I was little and after sailing experiences on boats of various types I arrived at the Mini 6.50 full of enthusiasm for an experience I have wanted for a long time . I have many expectations for this regatta which I consider the starting point to get to the Mini Transat passing through the other regattas of the Italian and French Class Mini Championship. I will try to do my best by learning something new every day.”

In addition to the Arcipelago, the Italian Mini 6.50 Class Championship includes two other regattas valid for qualification: the Italian Grand Prix on 12 April and the 222 Ropeye MiniSolo on 1 June. The Mini Class has recently renewed its Board of Directors for the period 2023-25: together with Matteo Sericano, Francesco Renella, Stefano Ioschi, Alessandro Suardi and Andrea Cupaioli have been elected.