The judge has decided that Jonathan Majors will go to trial for assault and harassment

There New York attorney’s office revealed that an additional police report has been added to the evidence against Jonathan Majors. The domestic violence case against the Marvel actor therefore continues: Majors will have to go process, by decision of the Judge. This, even though the woman who made the accusations has been arrested.

Grace Jabbari’s arrest and the ongoing lawsuit

Grace Jabbarithe woman who accused Jonathan Majors of assaulting her on March 25, was arrested on charges of assault in the heart of Manhattan, only to be released after a brief appearance before the Judge (who does not intend to bring other charges).

Jonathan Majors was accused by the woman of harassment and assaults. On March 25, 2023, Police responded to a 911 call in which Grace Jabbari reported being assaulted by Majors. The authorities have ascertained the presence of minor injuries on the woman’s body, but the actor was later released.

However, the investigations have not concluded and the case will continue, also in light of the new accusations. Numerous other women claim to have been attacked by the well-known face of cinema, even accusing him of sociopathy. A situation that could force the MCU to take away the role of Kang the Conqueror from him.

The date of the trial

Jonathan Majors will therefore go to trial on November 29, according to the Manhattan district attorney. Majors had sought to dismiss domestic violence allegations made against him in recent months.

According to his ex-girlfriend, the actor would have hit in the face with an open handcausing significant pain and a laceration behind her ear.

However, in August, Majors’ lawyer Priya Chaudhry denied everything, accusing the woman of being responsible for the attack. “Jonathan Majors, the real one victim of this shameful ordeal, he has seen his life, career and reputation destroyed,” Chaudhry said in a statement. “Yet he remains unwavering in his determination to be acquitted of these heartbreaking charges.”

According to prosecutors, Grace Jabbari and Jonathan Majors were in a car headed to their Manhattan home on March 25 when the actor received a text message that read: “I wish I could kiss you right now“. The woman would have tried to take her boyfriend’s phone, to read the sender’s name, but he would have reacted by twisting her arm and then hitting her in the ear. When she then tried to escape, he would have forced her to get back in the car, making her beat her head and causing further injuries.

A new police report, the contents of which have not been disclosed, would now add new evidence to the story. Hence, the judge’s decision to send Majors to trial.