The key clue that confirms that Rosalía would have finished with Rauw Alejandro

Rosalia It has been a trend since the beginning of the month due to the premiere of Despecha, her new song, which surprised her by placing herself among the most listened to and danced on YouTube, Spotify and social networks, where even the Catalan created a challenge to promote her new work. However, the absence of one of its greatest pillars is very striking: Rauw Alejandro.

Rumors of a possible break between Rosalia Y Raww Alexander they are getting older. Despite the fact that the couple was one of the favorites of the music industry since they made their love public in September 2021, everything indicates that the courtship came to an end a few weeks ago.

The first clue is that there are no recent photos of them being together on any social network, taking into account that both shared through Instagram the moments they spent together and their trips to the Caribbean, Baqueira, Beret or New York, to name destinations that some time they chose

Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro. Source: Instagram @rauwalejandrosociety

Recently, the alarms went off among the fans of Raww Alexander Y Rosalia after both deleted dozens of photos from Instagram in which they appeared together. The Motomami interpreter deleted all the photos and videos with the Puerto Rican artist, while he deleted all the publications and only left one.

Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro. Source: Instagram @rauwalejandrosociety

The rumors of the possible rupture between the artists of 29 years, occurred after it was also speculated that Raww Alexander is bisexual, as announced by TVNotas. The reality is that neither he, much less Rosalía, who enjoys the release of her new single (which could have a hidden message) have spoken to deny or confirm her love situation.