The lapidary message from Jorge Valdivia that could break the heart of Daniela Aránguiz

The separation between the football player Jorge Valdivia and the influencer Daniela Aranguiz keep giving people to talk about. Last weekend the brunette was on the PH program and there she gave details of how she feels at the moment after leaving a relationship of more than a decade.

Also Jorge Valdivia was on the Chilevisión program through a video that I sent and in which he once again apologized to Daniela Aranguiz. “I apologize for my mistakes, for exposing yourself in a negative way and that you also didn’t deserve it. I want to tell you again that I love you very much,” said the former player.

After watching the clip, Daniela Aranguiz He commented: “I was wrong to make decisions in a hurry, to want to have a good time. I can’t bet on what you think now: now I can tell you I don’t want to go back to him, but maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up and be super in love. (The video) I It stirred feelings. For a man to apologize to you publicly, which is the first time Jorge has done something like this, clearly it’s because he cares.”

But now it seems that Jorge Valdivia lost patience and posted a lapidary message on social networks that would be dedicated to Daniela Aranguiz despite the fact that he deleted it from his social networks. In his profile description he placed that he is a single father of two children next to his profession.

Jorge Valdivia. Source: instagram @jorgitovaldivia

Also Jorge Valdivia He posted a strong message on his feed to his more than one and a half million followers from all corners of the world who are watching his movements and said: “How do they say out there: ‘life is short’, don’t waste it. It’s time to be happy and here I go. I don’t look back anymore”.