The Last of Us, everything you need to know about the TV series inspired by the video game

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If there is a video game that seems perfect for an adaptation in the form of a film or series, this is it The Last of Us.T he title developed by Naughty Dog in 2013 he immediately captivated everyone for his ability to bring videogame narration to a level that had been touched very few times before, managing to make the player really empathize with characters whose fate was quickly taken to heart. The creators of the first Crash Bandicoot and of Jak & Daxter however, they have maintained a leading role in the creation of a series which, however, has all the credentials to live up to the original material.

A series that is a journey

This time the adaptation from one medium to another was easier than in the past with other video games for one simple reason: The Last of Us it already has an engaging storyline that is not just a mere pretext to keep the gamer going. Joel and Ellie are two different characters in everything (age, past, way of seeing things) but still manage to build a close relationship, a bond capable of making them survive in a post-apocalyptic world in complete decay. The story is set twenty years after the destruction of modern civilization, engulfed by a past that fourteen-year-old Ellie cannot remember and which Joel finds painful to bring back to her memory. The meeting between the two protagonists should not last long: he should limit himself to getting her out of a quarantine area under strict surveillance. Except things don’t go according to plan, hastily turning that simple task into a harrowing journey into the skeleton of what’s left of the United States. A zombie state in a zombie world, where being attacked by the undead-like is a possibility to seriously consider.

A video game that made history

The world of The Last of Us he is the victim of a mutation of nature that has led to the birth of zombie-like creatures. Survivors often find themselves, as is the case with our protagonists, becoming non-traditional heroes almost out of necessity. To interpret Joel and Ellie on the screen we find two interpreters of level like Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. The latter, already famous for having held a role in game of Thrones (another series of the family HBO extension), is already a star on the launch pad despite not even being twenty years old. His colleague Pascal is far more experienced, also having seen it Game of thrones as well as in very different films such as If the street could talk and Wonder Woman 1984. In the cast there are then as well Gabriel Luna (True Detective) as Joel’s younger brother, ex-soldier Tommy, and Anna Torv. The actress already seen in Fringe here she takes on the fundamental role of Tess, a smuggler and colleague of the male protagonist.

Behind the scenes the chosen team is just as level, with Craig Mazin Of Chernobyl who will take care of the project together with Neil Druckman (formerly executive producer and writer of the original video game and its sequel The Last of Us Part 2). There HBO extension which has given us products like the aforementioned in the past Game of Thrones, the Sopranos, Six Feet Under, The Wire or The Leftovers therefore joins forces with a software house capable of making the history of Playstation and of the whole videogame medium, creating unforgettable franchises such as Crash, Jak & Dexter, Uncharted and of course The Last of Us. The latter title has proved to be an incredible success since its release. A practically instantaneous exploit but also capable of continuing over time (as demonstrated by the recent remake of The Last of Us: Part 1 for PS5). The premises are excellent, the journey of us viewers following Joel and Ellie is ready to begin exclusively on Sky and streaming only on NOW from January 16, 2023 (absolutely simultaneously with the broadcast in the United States).