The latest ‘Despicable Me’ comes out in China, but the ending changes

Censorship replaced queue scene with protagonist Gru returning to his girls to support ‘the three-child policy’

Wild Knuckles is imprisoned, while Gru “becomes one of the good guys”, who returns to his family to be the loving father of his three daughters: not exactly the same conclusion as the original version of the last episode of ‘Despicable Me’, this one. revised and corrected by the Beijing censorship and just released, complete with weekend box office records in China. The queue scene, in which Gru and his mentor ride into the sunset, has in fact been replaced with an ending ‘more in tune’ with the three-child politics, as Wild Knuckles is captured and locked up for 20 years after a failed robbery. .

China is trying to increase its birth rate, but the change in the ending of ‘Minions 2 – How Gru becomes very bad’ – writes the BBC – was mocked by many viewers, as if the Chinese – observes one of them – had need “guidance and special care. How weak do they think the public is?”.

Criticisms also for still and subtitled images, of much lower quality than the originals. DuSir, a popular film blogger with over 14 million followers on Weibo, called the changes “offensive”. Despite this, the movie with the Minions found a great success at the box office, grossing, according to the entertainment site Deadline, a record sum of over 3 million euros in the first day of release alone.