The lineup of Alessandra Amoroso’s concert at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago

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Alexandra Amoroso arrived at the last date of the tour started to promote his new album. The singer has already recorded numerous sold-outs and thousands of people have come and gone under the stage during her performances. From Friends of Maria De Filippi to date, Alessandra Amoroso has become one of the most loved and followed singers in the country. You have a much more transversal audience than in the beginning, made up of teenagers but also of young adults who were kids when you started your climb to success.

Alessandra Amoroso in concert at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago

Alessandra Amoroso is one of the singers who has garnered the most success after participating in the school Friends of Maria De Filippi, also thanks to the intense and passionate musical repertoire, which has been able to reach the hearts of many music lovers. The victory of the eighth edition of the talent show was a springboard for Alessandra Amoroso, who has since achieved numerous successful hits. Over time, the singer has changed her style, both musical and personal, acquiring an even wider audience. In the lineup of the winter tour, Alessandra Amoroso has been able to skillfully balance the songs of the past with the songs from her latest album. There official lineup has not been disclosed but barring last minute changes, based on other concert dates, the release order should be as follows:

  1. AleAleAle
  2. Every time
  3. The need I have of you
  4. I will take care of everything
  5. The same
  6. By your side
  7. Useless song
  8. Superb so far
  9. Trust me again
  10. Good morning
  11. A road to happiness
  12. Find a way
  13. Pure Love / Defend me forever
  14. Secret / Charming Star
  15. Stupid
  16. On the edge without making a sound / I scream and you don’t hear me
  17. Strangers from yesterday / Cloudless
  18. All the things that I know
  19. Our time
  20. Still
  21. Strength and courage
  22. Everything happens
  23. Room 209
  24. Living in colour
  25. Anyway go
  26. Feather
  27. Blue nights
  28. Big smile

The concerts of Alessandra Amoroso

Alessandra Amoroso’s concert at the Assago Forum is the last of the tour and no further dates are planned. However, a project is already underway summer tour for which the new dates will be communicated in the coming weeks.