The lineup of Carmen Consoli’s concert in Livorno

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All ready for tonight’s performance, Thursday 1 June, by Carmen Consoli, who will perform on the stage of Piazza Mazzini in Livorno for the first evening of the third edition of Straborgo, the free admission festival curated by the Lem Foundation. A unique opportunity to listen to the singer, who will be accompanied on drums by another great Italian artist, Marina Rei.

Carmen Consoli a Straborg

Carmen Consoli officially opens the third edition of Stasborgthe Livorno music festival which this year will also host i Gary Baldi Bros And Rosa Chemical, who will take turns on the stage in Piazza Mazzini on the evenings of 2 and 3 June. This evening, at 10.30 pm, she will be the singer-songwriter to perform in the company of Marina Rei, preceded by John Tuscan, actor and singer who will open the evening at 21:50. The concert, like all the initiatives of the festival, is free and open to the public.

After the Livorno event, Carmen Consoli will prepare to face her summer tour, which will see her perform alongside Elvis Costello on August 28 in Rome, on August 29 in Palermo and on August 31 in Milan. Furthermore, in order not to miss anything, the singer will be traveling around Italy to give her audience a series of live performances with Massimo Roccaforte on guitars and Adriano Muraria on violin. A trio not to be missed.

The ladder

Although tonight’s concert is unique compared to Carmen Consoli’s traditional live performances, it is very probable that the singer-songwriter will perform a roundup of her best-known songs, revisited thanks to the talent and inspiration of Marina Rei.

Here is the lineup of the event:

  1. The boogeyman
  2. Magician Mago
  3. Something about me you don’t expect
  4. Number harmonies
  5. Orange flowers
  6. April rain
  7. A Sunday by the sea
  8. Imperfect tuning
  9. Watch the sunrise
  10. Sweet autumn
  11. AAA wanted
  12. Night blue
  13. Countess misery
  14. Is happening
  15. Orpheus
  16. Words of butter
  17. Plastic love
  18. Venus
  19. The whole universe obeys love
  20. The last Kiss
  21. In black and white
  22. At the window