The lineup of Claudio Baglioni’s concert at the Foro Italico in Rome

For his new show, Claudio Baglioni involved Giuliano Peparini. She is responsible for the artistic direction, theater direction and also the choreography (edited together with her sister Veronica). The desire of the Roman singer-songwriter? Amaze the public by giving “one escape showto increase the number of dreamy things and thus counteract the bad things that happen in the world”.

Preparation in Lampedusa

For eighty days, Claudio Baglioni relaxed at Lampedusa (where he would have liked to hold the festival once again ‘O Shah, its “bridge of solidarity” towards migrants). Now here he is ready to return to the stage, to sing and to make the audience sing.

The probable lineup Of With all my heart it will count 38 songs, a small piece of his enormous repertoire. To season the manifesto-songs we will find choreography, extraordinary costumes, projections and lights designed by the light designer Ivan Pierri. And then over 100 artists, 21 multi-instrumentalists directed by Paolo Gianolio and 80 choristers, dancers and performers.

The show, from Rome, will move to the Verona Arena (5 October), Palermo (12th) and Bari (20th). To then return in January, with a stop in Pesaro on the 18th.

Wholeheartedly, the probable lineup

The streets of colors

And how are you

Give it the go

Water From the Moon

With all the love I can

How many times

A little more

The best years


Long live England

The Man of History – Glider Heart – Man of Variety (medley)

This little big love

Twelve notes

I am here

Amore Bello – Solo – Saturday Afternoon (medley)

Porta Portese

You will have

A thousand days of you and me

I want to leave

And you

Along the way

Life now