The lineup of Claudio Baglioni’s concert in Taranto

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Claudius Baglioni he is performing on the stages of some of the most beautiful theaters in Italy, bringing his music and his humanity to the loyal and enthusiastic public who make them feel his warmth. “I traveled 25 thousand kilometers in one hundred days singing and playing for six nights a week” said the artist that he will be the protagonist of this musical adventure throughout Italy until February 2023. he Tonight, Tuesday 22 Novemberit’s up to Tarentum with a new show that marks a new stage of the Tour Twelve notes only Encore which includes a total of 72 destinations in the most important opera and traditional theaters of our country.

A lineup of successes between yesterday and today

“I look for the public city by city, enjoying the marvel of Italian theaters. Many songs, always few for the over 300 that I have written, and the possibility of changing the lineup every evening” said Baglioni, ready to play and sing for the public of the Apulian city starting at 21.00.

“Sometimes I’d like to draw the lineup by drawing lots so as not to run into the problem of making decisions” he said, but the lineup of the concert scheduled for this evening in Taranto has remained the same as that of the Messina stage and includes following songs:

  1. I am here
  2. Alone
  3. Ten fingers
  4. I from the sea
  5. Photos
  6. As I will tell you
  7. The best years
  8. Blue rain
  9. All in one hug
  10. The old ones
  11. Stay up
  12. nights
  13. Twelve notes
  14. And now the advertising
  15. Now that I have you
  16. With all the love I can
  17. Water from the moon
  18. How many times
  19. Love in progress
  20. Lovesick
  21. Posters
  22. Man of various ages
  23. You will have
  24. A thousand days of you and me
  25. This little big love / Beautiful love / And how are you? (medley)
  26. And you
  27. Along the way
  28. Life is now

Other dates in Puglia

If you are in Puglia, Taranto is not the only occasion to listen to Claudio Baglioni. Indeed they are well five dates in the region planned for this tour. On the 23rd he will be at the Teatro Verdi in Brindisi, on the 24th at the Teatro Verdi in San Severo and on the 21st he was at the Politeama Greco in Lecce. On February 5, however, he will be at the Petruzzelli Theater in Bari. On the piano and accompanied by other musicians, Baglioni performs his most iconic and precious pieces between music and poetry.