The lineup of the Blanco concert in Catania

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After the exciting double date at Rock in Rome 2022Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 July on the stage of the Capanelle Hippodrome, Blanco he is ready to continue with his Blue Celeste Tour already sold-out throughout Italy. This evening, Saturday 30 Julyit is the turn of Catania with the artist of Chills who will perform on the open-air stage set up at the Villa Bellini. Here is everything we know about the possible set of songs that Riccardo Fabbriconi (real name of Blanco) will play in the evening.

Blanco in concert in Catania, the possible lineup of the show at Villa Bellini

On stage tonight, Saturday 30 Julyin the Catania style Villa Bellinithe first of two concerts (both sold out) that Blanco held in the well-known Sicilian town, just before the rerun tomorrow, Sunday 31 July, for a whole weekend at the rhythm of Blue Celeste Tour. The artist from Brescia, born in 2003 and born Riccardo Fabbriconi, will not deviate much from what has already been staged with previous concerts throughout Italy, first of all inviting all those present on stage to follow a nice dress code who wants to wear them white or black clothes. From Belladonna (Adieu) to White nightspassing through Flower Thief and the recent success of Nostalgia: as regards the lineup of Blanco’s concert in Catania, we know that he will tell about his way of being and making music, retracing the great classics of the repertoire and the unreleased songs of his debut album Celestial Blue, from which the whole tour takes its name. There possible ladder of the Blanco concert in Catania, Saturday 30 July:

  1. Half an hour of sunshine
  2. Blinders
  3. Sons of P *** ana
  4. You Know What It Is
  5. Until They Bury Me
  6. Pornography (Bianco Paradiso)
  7. David
  8. Flower Thief
  9. Belladonna (Adieu)
  10. White Nights (Acoustic)
  11. Celestial Blue
  12. Fireflies
  13. Amateur
  14. Rust
  15. Folly
  16. You drive Me crazy
  17. Aphrodite
  18. Our Song
  19. Chills
  20. White Nights
  21. Nostalgia

What happened during the last show of the Blue Celeste Tour

Where does the success of Blanco? From his way of interacting with the public always demonstrating his humility, simplicity, but above all great passion and heart that have led him to where he is now. An example of this is the exciting parenthesis staged during the last concert of the artist from Brescia as a guest of Rock in Rome where, on the notes of the famous White nightshas invited the father on stage for a suggestive moment together. The singer also shared a video of the evening on social media, along with this touching caption in which he thanked his parents for what they did for him: “I had to make my father forgive me so many things and today seeing him proud of me is the most important thing. beautiful there is. 64 thousand people in two days incredible, magical, absurd until 2 years ago I worked in a pizzeria and I never imagined all this… it’s really true sometimes you have to leave everything and follow your dream “.