The lineup of the Blanco concert in Gallipoli

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The tour of Blanco in Italy. These days the young singer is engaged in a series of concerts that attract thousands of people every time. The artist, who triumphed at the last Sanremo festival with the song Broglie, sung in tandem with Mahmood, can count on a very large fanbase, consisting mainly of boys and girls of his age who see in him an example to follow. . Blanco has been making music for just 20 years, before he was chasing the dream of becoming a footballer, but when his passion for music exploded, he could no longer do without it and realized that, after all, that was his path. . He quit football and started writing, quickly achieving success. The lineup of Blanco’s concert in Gallipoli contains a large part of his musical production, songs known and loved above all by the very young.

The Blanco concert in Gallipoli

For a young guy like Blanco, whose fan base is mainly made up of 20-year-olds, a concert in Gallipoli was a must in this hot summer 2022. Blanco has included the Apulian city in his tour, this being one of the main tourist destinations young in Italy, so much so that the event sold out in a few days. Of course, Blanco does not have the wide and varied repertoire on which his colleagues with much more experience and years of career behind him can count, but the very young singer-songwriter still managed to build a noteworthy lineup, inserting all the main songs of his production, capable of making the fans dance for hours under the stage who, do not pay, do not shy away from asking for an encore. In the lineup, Blanco also included Chills in the solo version. Although the official lineup has not been released, based on previous concerts, the order of release of the songs for the Gallipoli concert should not be too different from this:

  • Half an hour of sunshine
  • Blinders
  • Sons of bitches *
  • You know what there is
  • Until they bury me
  • Pornography (White Paradise)
  • David
  • Flower thief
  • Belladonna (Adieu)
  • Nostalgia
  • Sleepless nights (Acoustic)
  • Celestial blue
  • Fireflies
  • Amateur
  • Rust
  • Folly
  • You drive Me crazy
  • Aphrodite
  • Our song (Mace cover)
  • Chills (Mahmood & Blanco cover)
  • Sleepless nights

The Blanco tour

After Gallipoli, Blanco is expected in Riccione, Olbia, Genoa (where he will recover the missed date due to a accident) and Milan.