The lineup of the concert by Biagio Antonacci in Lido di Jesolo

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A ten-year career that has never known pauses: this is the career of Biagio Antonacci, one of the most beloved Italian songwriters. In business for about 40 years, Biagio Antonacci is among the Italian artists who have been able to best interpret the thoughts and desire for love of music lovers, who find in his songs the expression of what is their way of understanding the highest sentiment. Biagio Antonacci is one of the old school songwriters of our country, who did a long, very long apprenticeship before exploding and placing himself in the charts with a very high number of songs. Some of his songs are still today among the columns of Italian music, cornerstones of our pop and melodic tradition. Rock soul and sensitive at the same time, Biagio Antonacci is ready to return to the stage for live concerts starting from Lido di Jesoloin Veneto, to return to give music and emotions to his many fans who are waiting for nothing but singing his songs out loud.

Biagio Antonacci in concert in Lido di Jesolo, the lineup

Biagio Antonacci has been missing from the stages for 3 years. It was 2019 when the singer-songwriter organized some concepts with Laura Pausini, a great friend of him but not only. Biagio Antonacci, in fact, is the author of some of the most famous songs of the Romagna singer and the synergy and energy that the two are able to express when they perform together on stage has few equals. But you have to go back even further, to 2018, to find a series of solo concerts by Biagio Antonacci. In between there was a pandemic, which stopped the music and any possibility of live concerts and, therefore, also the possibility for Biagio Antonacci to devote himself to live projects. Now it is time for him to return to perform on stage and tonight, Saturday 5th November, there will be thousands of people from under the stage waiting for the return of their idol. Biagio Antonacci is an artist who over time has been able to attract the attention of several generations, keeping in his parterre of fans even those who in the eighties at the beginning of him were very young. Impossible to have an official lineup for tonight’s concert but referring to the last live, the release order could be this, with the addition of the new songs:

  1. The best
  2. Know my love
  3. Finish together
  4. We don’t keep company
  5. How much time and still
  6. Lucky you are there
  7. You’re beautiful
  8. It was never right away
  9. Heaven has only one door
  10. Between you and the sea
  11. Live me
  12. You are in the air
  13. Dance on my chest
  14. The things you loved the most
  15. Not so soon
  16. Flower
  17. In an almost pink room
  18. I don’t know who to believe anymore
  19. I rarely think of you
  20. Pain and strength
  21. I would like to love you too
  22. Crazy for her
  23. good morning beautiful soul
  24. If it’s true that you are there
  25. If I if she
  26. Iris (among your poems)
  27. dream about me
  28. I no longer live without you
  29. Living together
  30. In the middle of the world
  31. Free me

The concerts of Biagio Antonacci

After his debut in Jesolo, Biagio Antonacci is expected in Rome for a double date, then in Eboli, Turin, Bari and Florence. Two other dates are also planned in Milan.