The lineup of the concert by Gigi D’Alessio in Cremona

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“How many loves are born like this …”, who does not know this passage of the song? It is one of the best known of Gigi D’Alessio, also sung by those who claim not to follow or appreciate the Neapolitan singer-songwriter. This is because D’Alessio over the years has been able to take root within the Italian social fabric, becoming the soundtrack of moments of life lived that everyone, sooner or later, has to face. And this is one of the reasons why Gigi D’Alessio is universally appreciated from north to south and it is no coincidence that the concert with which he celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of his career was broadcast live on TV. Gigi D’Alessio’s tour, with many dates already sold-out, is coming to its conclusion but leaves behind the confirmation of the love that the public feels towards this artist.

Gigi D’Alessio in concert in Cremona, the lineup

At the beginning of this article one of the most famous passages of the song “Quanti amori” was quoted but many others could be cited at random from the repertoire of Gigi D’Alessio that almost everyone knows. This is because over the years the singer has often been in the first places of rankings Italian, with countless radio passages. He is a national-popular character of our country, capable of setting emotional vibrations to music and expressing what many cannot bring out. The ability to act as a megaphone to the emotions of others is no small thing and in the songs of Gigi D’Alessio there are many to see each other again and find similarities with their own lives. The Neapolitan singer-songwriter has not released the lineup of his tour but there will hardly be a change from previous dates. Unless there are last minute changes, the release order of Gigi D’Alessio’s songs will be as follows:

  1. Nights of crooked moons
  2. How many loves
  3. You are important
  4. First date
  5. One night on the phone
  6. Where are you
  7. Don’t hang up
  8. The journey of age
  9. Assaje
  10. Tomorrow you will see
  11. A beautiful love story
  12. Nothing else
  13. Half an hour ago
  14. Anna marries
  15. Saint Valentine
  16. Defeat of love
  17. Meza bucia
  18. Why
  19. The hands
  20. Together with her
  21. Free from us
  22. Open your arms
  23. Now
  24. A new kiss
  25. Never give up
  26. Never tell him
  27. You are a great thing
  28. At night
  29. My cumpagna
  30. ‘Na canzona nova
  31. How fragile you are
  32. Annare ‘
  33. ‘O surdato nnammurato
  34. ‘O sarracino
  35. Como suena el corazón
  36. Comme si femmena
  37. A little poor photomodels
  38. Under the sheets
  39. Chiove
  40. ‘Shore’ and sea
  41. Guagliunce ‘
  42. ‘O place of Annare’
  43. 30 song
  44. Guagliune
  45. Good morning

The concerts of Gigi D’Alessio

After the appointment in Cremona, Gigi D’Alessio is expected in Rome, Turin, Bologna, Milan, Parma, Legnano and Biella. Unless new dates are entered in the middle, this is where the closing of the tour on November 14th. It is not excluded that new dates may be added in the coming weeks.