The lineup of the Emis Killa concert in Milan

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Second date in Milan that of Monday 5 December for Emis Killa, which has scheduled a concert session in the Lombard capital that will keep him busy until just before Christmas. The rapper is one of the most loved of his genre in Italy, as evidenced by the number of records sold but, above all, by the fact that his concerts are almost always sold-out. All of those from this concert session sold out within hours. Even the one in Rome, which was recently added by the singer to meet the huge number of requests from fans, was sold out. Milan is the city chosen by Emis Killa for an almost 10-day resident for a total of 6 dates at the Magazzini Generali.

Emis Killa in concert in Milan, the lineup

Emis Killa’s six concerts in Milan can be considered a bet won for the rapper, who managed to sell out for each date. Not that the opposite was expected, quite the contrary. The rapper’s Milanese audience is quite large and the dimensions of the historic club in the Lombard capital are not those of a location for major events. But that the rapper managed to do the sold out for each date it is still a more than remarkable result. Emis Killa’s repertoire, on the other hand, almost represents the basis of Italian rap culture, as he was one of the most successful forerunners of this style. His first album dates back to 2012 and since then there have been a total of five albums released. The last one dates back to 2020, the year of the pandemic, and for this reason he was unable to carry out live promotion work, which is now taking place after the stop to music. Barring last minute changes, the lineup of the Emis Killa concert in Milan this evening, Monday 5 December, should follow the following release order:

  1. Open water
  2. Donald Trump
  3. Adios
  4. Linda
  5. The bad grass
  6. Batman
  7. Cocaine
  8. Serious
  9. Fire and petrol
  10. Tell me
  11. It’s my shit
  12. On the moon
  13. Boyz block
  14. Dance with the devil
  15. That picture of the two of us
  16. Montecarlo
  17. Like you
  18. CULT
  19. The world of adults
  20. Gucci Benz
  21. Of course
  22. Supernova
  23. It’s not easy
  24. Superhero
  25. Rollercoasters
  26. Mon fre
  27. Maracana
  28. A thousand roads
  29. Words of ice

Other concerts by Emis Killa

The zero date of this unbalanced tour by Emis Killa was held on December 2nd in Parma. After the six dates in Milan, the rapper will perform one last concert at the club Orion of Ciampino, a date added in extremis by the singer for which no other tickets are available.