The lineup of the Ernia concert at the Assago Forum

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Hernia it’s a Italian rapper of the new generation, born in 1993, much loved by the public, especially by the younger one. Stage name of Matteo Professione, he started his new tour last Sunday, March 19, from the Kioene Arena in Padua, which was sold out. This evening, Tuesday the 22nd of Marchfor him it will be a very special concert because it almost represents a homecoming, being born in Milan. The Forum of Assago it is one of the most coveted venues for those who do this job and getting a concert in such an arena means having a very large audience base to justify an event in such a large venue.

Hernia in concert at the Assago Forum, the lineup

Despite his young age, Ernia has a very interesting musical repertoire, the result of a career that began just 18 years old. Ernia grew up with Italian rap names of the caliber of Ghali, for example. And it is with him, as well as with Maite and the producer Fonzi Beat that in 2011 he founded the group forming the Troupe D’Elite, soon signed by Gué Pequeno for Lots of stuff. Back then, Ernia was performing under the name ErNyah and that’s how she started to get known in the scene. From that moment her career started to turn until each of the members of that group didn’t find their solo path. Today, Hernia is one of the most respected in its field and the ladder which he is presenting on this tour, therefore also in Milan, is the synthesis of his career up to now. Unless changed, it should be:

  1. Intro / Boo!
  2. Dead inside
  3. So stupid
  4. Bad intentions
  5. I don’t give a fuck
  6. My name
  7. Mary forever
  8. Some days
  9. Out of place
  10. Lewandowski VIII
  11. 68
  12. Not her
  13. Oh god
  14. Snow
  15. I live
  16. Tonic water
  17. U2
  18. Lewandowski IX
  19. Simba
  20. Phi
  21. I’m not sleepy
  22. Pretty
  23. Pure Sinaloa
  24. Hot water and lemon
  25. Something missing
  26. 10 girls
  27. The Imposter
  28. Good night
  29. Everyone is afraid
  30. Nice rip off
  31. Stop and watch
  32. Super classic

Hernia Concerts

The success of Ernia can also be measured with i sold out that the rapper is recording on all dates of his tour. Today’s date in Milan is sold out, some places remain for tomorrow, given that a double date was necessary. Sold out also in the following dates in Naples and Rome.