The lineup of the Eros Ramazzotti concert in Lido di Jesolo

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And this evening, Friday 28 April 2023the new date of Infinite beat tour Of Eros Ramazzotti. During the concert, there will be songs taken from his latest unreleased album, Infinite beatand the biggest hits and catchphrases of his career.

Eros Ramazzotti’s concert at Jesolo Tourism Palace (Venice) this evening an incredible event awaits with great affection and enthusiasm on the part of the public. For the concert at Lido di Jesolo, it is no longer possible to buy tickets, as the live results sold out for some time now. After all, the Italian public has been waiting for his live return since 2019.

So the season continues with great success live of one of the most loved voices of Italian songwriting in the world, Eros Ramazzotti. The Italian and global tour, which had its debut on March 15 at the Mediolanum Forum in Milan, is offering the artist the opportunity to return to play in the major Italian and international arenas, such as Madrid, Copenhagen, Vienna and many others. .

The concert lineup

It starts from Infinite beat until concluding with the famous The best thing. This is the lineup full of great successes of Eros Ramazzotti’s concert tonight at the Palazzo del Turismo in Jesolo. The start of the live is scheduled for 21.

  1. Infinite beat
  2. The Last Romantics
  3. I am
  4. Where there is music
  5. How much love you are
  6. An emotion forever
  7. Twin Star
  8. If a song were enough
  9. Return to dance
  10. I Belong to You (The Rhythm of Passion)
  11. Only with you
  12. Hurricane Meri
  13. Promised Land
  14. An important story
  15. Now you
  16. Another you
  17. Fire into fire
  18. Things of life
  19. A moment of peace
  20. I will marry you because
  21. The best thing