The lineup of the Eugenio concert in Via di Gioia in Bologna

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The Eugene in Via Gioia I’m on tour with the new show and tonight, Thursday 30 Marchwill perform on stage at the Estragon, a well-known club in Bologna. They have a niche but not small audience, which was consolidated with the group’s participation in the Sanremo Festival. The band was born in 2012 in Turin and over the years has been able to evolve and reach an increasing number of supporters. The name of the band comes from that of its founders Eugenio Cesaro, Emanuele Via and Paolo Di Gioia. However, the group is made up of four elements and the name of Lorenzo Federici, which was not able to be included in that of the band, became the title of the group’s first album, released in 2014.

Eugenio in via Gioia, the Bologna ladder

The tour organized by the Eugenios in via Gioia aims to celebrate the 10 years of activity of the band and to connect the relationship with the public. Clubs and clubs have always been the ideal location for the concerts of this group, which with its songs manages to tell that part of the country far from mainstream music. Tickets for all dates of the Eugenio in via Gioia tour can be purchased on Ticketone but for some dates places are limited. The band has decided to make an important selection of the songs to bring on stage, carefully selecting the most significant songs of the last 10 years of their career. For fans of the first hour, the concerts of this tour are a decade-long journey through time, which unwinds and unfolds with the words in music of its protagonists. The Eugenios in via Gioia, in fact, carry on the most sincere tradition of Italian songwriting, adapting and modernizing it for today’s audience. Barring last-minute changes, the release order of the songs should be as follows:

  1. my room
  2. You look for
  3. I can not wait to hug you
  4. They
  5. Enlightened youth
  6. objections
  7. Start breathing
  8. Your friend your enemy you
  9. Cloud
  10. Nursery rhyme
  11. The tip of the iceberg
  12. Human
  13. All you can eat
  14. Not yet
  15. Fixed nail
  16. Letter to the next
  17. Earth
  18. Somewhere else
  19. Seven shirts
  20. They come back

Concert dates Eugenio in via Gioia

After the concert in Bologna, the public will have the opportunity to see the Turin group live at work during the appointments in Rome, Senigallia, Padua and Milan, where they will close this tranche of performances by playing at the Alcatraz, one of the most famous venues in the capital Lombard.