The lineup of the Fabri Fibra concert in Alghero

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On the evening of Tuesday 16 August Fabri Fibra he will take the stage in Alghero for another concert of his summer tour which, after weeks around Italy, is coming to an end. The rapper was invited to participate in the review Alguer Summer Festival, which is held in the amazing scenery of the Maria Pia amphitheater, a splendid space close to the sea and one of the most beautiful beaches in this part of Sardinia. Fabri Fibra is promoting his latest album Chaos and so far the concerts have always received a great response from the public. For the Alghero event the tickets are running out but someone, for those who want to make a last-minute purchase, is still available.

Fabri Fibra in Alghero, the lineup

The appointment with Fabri Fibra for the concert in Alghero is at about 9.30 pm this evening, Tuesday 16 August, when the rapper will take the stage to begin his show. Fabri Fibra has been on the scene for many years and this allows him to have a wide repertoire among which to range, where to fish the most popular hits and songs to mix with the new ones of his last record work. Each Fabri Fibra concert was followed by thousands of people, ready to let loose on the notes of the rapper’s music, who was also forced to stop for two years due to Covid. When the concerts resumed, Fabri Fibra organized his tours and brought the fans back to dance and sing his best known hits. In the lineup of Alghero, as well as in that of all the other events of the season, there is no shortage of songs like Propaganda, Chaos And Stars, taken from the latest album, which quickly climbed the preferences of the singer’s fans. Unless there are sudden changes, these tracks are included in the Fabri Fibra lineup in this order:

  1. Intro (sky)
  2. GoodFellas / Ugly Son Of / On The Carousel
  3. Chronic
  4. The chaff knocked (Treason reloaded)
  5. Phenomenon
  6. Demo in the stereo
  7. Propaganda
  8. Stars
  9. Pamplona
  10. Rap In War
  11. Applause For Fiber
  12. Rap in the mood
  13. I don’t collapse
  14. Don’t be a whore
  15. Like Vasco
  16. Liar
  17. Cocaine
  18. Towards other shores
  19. Yoshi
  20. Chaos
  21. Photography
  22. Calypso
  23. Vip In Trip
  24. The solution
  25. Panic
  26. I was thinking of you
  27. full moon
  28. Except you
  29. From A to Z

The Fabri Fibra tour

The date of Alghero was not foreseen in the initial tour project but was added at a later time to follow up the huge number of requests from fans. It will be the last of the summer session, waiting for the singer to open the next fall indoor tour September 10 in Moncalieri.