The lineup of the Irama concert in Lido di Jesolo

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Irama he is one of the young singers most appreciated by the new generations, and not only. From the success from the Amici stage to the Sanremo festival, where he participated for two editions in a row, the singer-songwriter has also been able to conquer music critics with his original sounds and his unmistakable voice. On the evening of Wednesday 3 August, Irama will take the stage of the Lido di Jesolo in front of thousands of people, who will dance and sing with him all night, singing his most famous songs. Ahead of him, Irama still has more than a month of touring but so far every date has been a success. In fact, although the singer-songwriter has a rather short career behind him, he already has an enviable repertoire that allows him to prepare a structured and well-balanced lineup of ballads and lively songs.

Irama in Lido di Jesolo, the ladder

The concert on Faro beach in Lido di Jesolo is one of the main stops of Irama’s tour, which is touching the main tourist resorts of the country on a journey that leads the singer-songwriter to discover and touch the vastness of his audience. In fact, on every date, Irama can count on the presence of thousands of different people who sing his songs, a sign that despite his young age and not high experience in this world, the contents and sounds of Irama have a certain value. During this summer tour, the first after the Covid pandemic, Irama offers its audience over two hours of live music, a real live show that involves and transports customers to a parallel musical dimension, where the suggestions of Irama’s songs dominate. The singer has not released the official lineup of his concert in Lido di Jesolo, however it is reasonable to believe that it does not differ too much from that of the other concerts:

  • Fragile dream
  • Mediterranean
  • 5 drops
  • Como te llamas
  • Goodbye
  • Just one thing
  • full moon
  • Hit me
  • I never give up
  • Eh mama eh
  • A tear
  • Young
  • Beautiful and ruined
  • Cracks
  • One more day
  • Bazooka
  • Dedicated to you
  • Yo quiero amarte
  • It is the moon
  • My love
  • Black
  • The girl with the tin heart
  • Milan
  • Arrogant
  • Wherever you will be
  • Baby – Chapter XI
  • The genesis of your color

The tour of Irama 2022

After Jesolo, Irama is expected in Monopoli, Marina di Ginosa, Alghero, Diamante, Catania and Agrigento, where the last date will be on September 3.