The lineup of the J-Ax concert in Gardaland

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J-Ax returns to the stage and does so from the amusement park of Gardaland on the occasion of the scariest night of the year, that of Halloween. The Milanese rapper, in fact, tonight, Monday 31 October, will perform in concert in the largest Italian theme park for a unique event outside the tour circuit. His presence attracted thousands of people to Gardaland, especially former young people of the nineties, ready to relive the moments of carefree adolescence. The Gardaland event almost represents a real return to the scene for J-Ax, which hasn’t made a real concert since 2019.

J-Ax in concert at Gardaland, the lineup

J-Ax does not currently have any albums in promotion, not even new works to propose. The last time on stage was last June, when he arranged with Fedez the concert in Piazza del Duomo in Milan. On that occasion, also useful to seal peace after years of being apart, the two performed together on the notes of some songs that bear the double signature but also duetted on the songs of their respective repertoire, proposing alternative versions that sent them into a frenzy the crowd. It is unclear if J-Ax is working on a new album and, if so, when its release is expected. Surely on the stage of Gardaland the rapper will bring the songs that have been most successful in over 20 years of career, spent between Article 31 and a solo career. No official lineup has been issued for the Gardaland concert and there are no recent concerts from which to extrapolate the order of release of tonight’s songs. The only reference is the last J-Ax concert in Mantua in 2019, when the exit order was as follows:

  1. Timberland pro
  2. Rap n ‘Roll
  3. Snob / The Man In The Hat / Old School
  4. It is not a movie
  5. Small forever
  6. People who hope
  7. Deca Dance / Immoral / More Style
  8. I love my bike
  9. Rage music
  10. The beauty of being ugly
  11. One of those days
  12. Candies
  13. I would like But Not Place / Without Paying
  14. Oval spiral
  15. I’ll stop tomorrow
  16. A scream
  17. There is no remedy
  18. 2030
  19. Funky Tranqi
  20. Tomorrow
  21. The funkytarro
  22. My girlfriend leads
  23. The average Italian
  24. Volume
  25. Hey Maria

Tickets for J-Ax in Gardaland

Sold out at Gardaland for the Halloween party and, therefore, also for the J-Ax concert. There is no longer the possibility of buying tickets and also for this reason the management has sent an invitation to anyone wishing to enter anyway, by purchasing tickets on site: “We invite you not to show up at Gardaland if you do not already have a valid access title “.