The lineup of the Renato Zero concert in Livorno

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Renato Zero he is part of that small circle of artists who have been able to go beyond the boundaries of time to become immortal. Fifty years of career are not built by chance, the arenas, decades after the debut, do not fill up just because you like a song. Behind Renato Zero there is a whole world of art and beauty, which the artist manages to convey through his songs that never go out of style. Defining him just a singer would be an understatement, because Zero is the forerunner of performers, a visionary of shows and entertainment. Each concert of him moves on different levels of art to give the audience a truly memorable show. It was precisely on this principle that Zero a Zero was created, the current tour that the singer-songwriter is taking throughout Italy, where there are already countless sold-outs. Zero a Zero is something different from the usual concerts, it is an introspective journey into the “double life” of Renato Zero, that of a songwriter and that of a free citizen.

Renato Zero in concert in Livorno, the lineup

Nothing better than his words tells the genesis of this project, which intends to bring together its two souls, that of the man who “hung out in alleys, squares, neighborhoods and cities. From North to south. From east to west. In bourgeois clothes of course, collecting secrets and life stories of all kinds” and that of the artist who, however, “was waiting for him to put on paper, with words and music, those observations and portions of humanity so necessary for the purpose”. An ambitious but not impossible project for Renato Zero, who defined this tour as a “challenge”. The choice of songs was fundamental in this sense, because they are the leitmotif of the story in music that the artist has thought up to converse with the public in a very strong exchange of emotions, capable of leaving their mark on those who have had the readiness to buy tickets. Here is the possible lineup for tonight, Tuesday 18 April:

  1. The Merchant of Stars
  2. Not to be like this / No makeup tonight / Artists / The tightrope walker
  3. Never again alone
  4. Travel
  5. Look for me
  6. Boredom emergency
  7. Tin dreams
  8. What’s the rush
  9. Tell me who sleeps next to me
  10. These my years
  11. The crib is empty
  12. Maybe / I gave / While I wait for you to return / And I will follow you / Your idea / In the gardens that nobody knows
  13. Your children
  14. Madame
  15. Who
  16. Street of the martyrs
  17. Alive / Man, no! / Don’t shoot / The bandwagon
  18. Complaints office
  19. Triangle
  20. It’s getting dark
  21. Revolution
  22. I love you so much
  23. All suspended
  24. Four steps in the blue
  25. Showcase
  26. Absolute friend

Concerts by Renato Zero

Each city visited by the artist on this tour includes at least two dates: this is the case of Livorno, where it was necessary to double to meet the demand for tickets from the public. Needless to underline the sold-out of Livorno, one of the last stages of this tour, which will have its conclusion in Rome with four concerts, obviously all sold out.