The lineup of the Renato Zero concert in Rome

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Renato Zero arrives in the Capital: this evening, Friday 28th Aprilthe artist will go on stage at the Palazzo dello Sport a Rome, for the first of five dates. Renato Zero is one of those singers who have been able to cross the boundaries of time to become immortal. Fifty years of career are not built by chance, the arenas, decades after their debut, continue to collect sold-outs. Behind Renato Zero there is a whole world of art and beauty, which the artist manages to convey through his songs that never go out of style. Defining him just a singer would be an understatement, because Zero is the forerunner of performers, a visionary of shows and entertainment. Each concert of him moves on different levels of art to give the audience a truly memorable show. It was precisely on this principle that it was created Zero to Zero A musical challengethe current tour that the singer-songwriter is taking throughout Italy. Zero to Zero it’s something different than the usual concerts, it’s an introspective journey into “double life” by Renato Zero, that one of songwriter and that of free citizen.


It is precisely Renato Zero who narrates the genesis of the project Zero to ZeroThat intends to reunite his two souls, that of the man who “hung out in alleys, squares, neighborhoods and cities. From North to south. From east to west. In bourgeois clothes of course, collecting secrets and life stories of all kinds” and that of the artist who, however, “was waiting for him to put on paper, with words and music, those observations and portions of humanity so necessary for the purpose”. An ambitious but not impossible project for Renato Zero, who defined this tour as a “challenge”. The choice of songs was fundamental in this sense, because they are the leitmotif of the story in music that the artist has thought up to converse with the public in a very strong exchange of emotions, capable of leaving their mark on those who have had the readiness to buy tickets. Here is the possible lineup for tonight, Friday 28 April:

  1. This beautiful nothing
  2. I equal me
  3. I live
  4. No makeup tonight
  5. Wake up poets
  6. Too many singers too little cash
  7. Pavements
  8. die here
  9. Beaches
  10. Complaints office
  11. In the gardens that no one knows
  12. While I wait for you to return
  13. More up
  14. Choose now or never
  15. Lucky
  16. Crazy
  17. My fairy tale
  18. With open arms
  19. Let’s hope
  20. Revolution
  21. At least let me dream
  22. A little blue
  23. Friend
  24. medley: Singles / Secret love / Beyond all limits / Always smiling
  25. Vices and desires
  26. medley: We are heroes / Artists / Tin dreams / Tell me who sleeps next to me
  27. Sex or they
  28. Look for me
  29. The best years of our life
  30. Zero to Zero
  31. The sky