The lineup of the Salmo concert in Florence

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The rapper Psalm is on tour and this evening, Thursday 17 November, will be in concert in Florence, at the Nelson Mandela Forum. There are numerous dates that will follow one another in the next few days for the Sardinian rapper, who is promoting his new recording work with a tour throughout Italy that already seems to give great satisfaction. Salmo represents the middle generation of rappers and has a huge following in our country: he is considered one of the most interesting in the entire Italian panorama as far as rap music is concerned and that he is appreciated and followed is demonstrated by the fact that his concerts are often sold out. -out.

Psalm in concert in Florence, the lineup

Salmo has numerous pieces at its disposal for the lineup. In these years of activity he has been very prolific and has made many pieces, many of which have also gone on to the charts. The creation of the ladder for the autumn tour 2022 it was made taking into strong consideration both the pieces that have already been published for some time, those that have contributed to building its success, and the one that Salmo needs to promote because it has recently been released. Finding a compromise solution is not always easy for the artists, who would like to push some songs rather than others, but still have to meet the requests of the fans, those who pay the ticket, also proposing those songs that they expect to find during a concert. The probable lineup of Salmo for the concert in Florence could be the following:

  1. 90 mins
  2. Mic Taser
  3. Shut up
  4. Unpleasant
  5. Papparapa
  6. Daytona
  7. Criminal
  8. Rich and Dead
  9. Down from
  10. Excuse me
  11. The sunrise
  12. Flop
  13. Excuse me
  14. To God
  15. Yoko Ono
  16. First time
  17. Russell Crowe
  18. Disobey
  19. Hellvisback
  20. PSALM
  21. Dj Set: I’m afraid to go out 1, I’m afraid to go out 2 feat Lazza, Kumitè, Ez feat Ensi, Marylean feat Nitro, La canzone nostra feat Blanco, Mic Check feat Noyz Narcos

Psalm concerts

After tonight’s debut in Florence, Salmo will bring his Flop tour to Brescia, Turin, Mantua, Padua, Bologna, Livorno, Rome, Bari, Eboli, Pesaro, Milan. The last date is scheduled in Milan on December 12th.