The lineup of Umberto Tozzi’s concert in Ceglie Messapica

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Umberto Tozzi is one of the senators of Italian music, one of the greatest songwriters of our time, capable of crossing generations with his music. At Umberto Tozzi’s concerts, fans of all ages meet, from the very young to adults, all united in the name of the good Italian singer-songwriter who knows no barriers. This summer, Umberto Tozzi is back on tour after two years of hiatus dictated by the pandemic, which forced all the artists to stop their performances. Moreover, for some time, Umberto Tozzi has returned to collaborate with his great friend and colleague Raf, with whom he has an open project and with whom he has worked on some new songs. But this summer she decided to take the tour alone, bringing her greatest hits to many Italian cities. The stage of Ceglie Messapica is one of the last of the summer tour, waiting for him to come back to sing in theaters in the fall.

Umberto Tozzi in concert in Ceglie Messapica, the lineup

Umberto Tozzi has such a vast musical repertoire that it was not difficult for him to structure a dynamic and engaging lineup. There are countless great successes that Umberto Tozzi has achieved over time, masterpieces of music also known by those who, when they were published, were not even born yet. Who has never mentioned at least a few verses of Glory or I love you? The choice of the songs for the Ceglie Messapica concert lineup by Umberto Tozzi was made in order to alternate his oldest hits with the most recent ones, with songs that everyone can sing at the top of their lungs under the stage, after two years of silence. There isn’t one ladder tour official but it is likely that Umberto Tozzi has prepared a standard one. Net of small changes that the singer could make for the Ceglie Messapica concert, the lineup should be as follows:

  1. Pink night
  2. Misunderstanding
  3. I love you
  4. North Rome / Something someone / If I didn’t have you / The lovers
  5. We are the others
  6. The Scream
  7. I will walk
  8. Forget, forget
  9. The Sound of Silence
  10. March’s gardens
  11. My lover woman
  12. Losing Anna
  13. More can be given
  14. Tell me no
  15. Sea people
  16. Immensely
  17. I am dying of you
  18. You
  19. Star stay
  20. Glory

Umberto Tozzi’s tour

After the appointment of Ceglie Messapica, Umberto Tozzi is expected Pineto, then Ferentino, Palermo and Taormina, where he will close the summer part of his tour on September 25th. On December 1st the winter tour will start from Sankt Moritz.