The lion in Ladispoli: the escape before capture, the video from the helicopter

The big cat, captured yesterday after hours of panic, in police footage

Escaped from the circus and lost in the streets of Ladispoli, on the Lazio coast. Hours of panic yesterday before the capture of the fleeing lion, which was then sedated in the evening by the veterinary teams who arrived on site.

The alarm went off around 3.40pm. Police, financiers and carabinieri from the Ladispoli, Civitavecchia and forestry stations intervened on site and managed to identify the visibly frightened animal around 4pm in a reed thicket near the circus. A police helicopter also took part in the operation, which captured images of the big cat ‘for a walk’. Provincial police personnel and the circus director himself also arrived with a cage. In the evening, the capture. The animal, after wandering for hours in the streets of the Lazio town followed closely by the police, was finally sedated by veterinary teams and subsequently captured.