The Little Mermaid, Halle Bailey talks about the importance of the original film for her education

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In an official video recently appeared on the net, the actress Halle Bailey (protagonist of the highly anticipated live-action film The little Mermaid) points out how Ariel’s story was important to her education and career, as well as her life. In the featurette, the protagonist tells how her world and her life have radically changed after watching the animated film The little Mermaidreleased way back in 1989 (when she was not born yet, since she was born in 2000).
Director Rob Marshall talks about a powerful story, adding how a “graceful” Halle Bailey raised the bar for everything.
The same words of praise were expressed towards Melissa McCarthy’s Ursula, defined as “funny but at the same time terrifying”.

Also featured in the featurette are contributions from the soundtrack’s composers. The songs are scored by multiple Academy Award winner Alan Menken (Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin), with lyrics by Howard Ashman and new lyrics by three-time Tony Award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda.

At the bottom of this article you can watch the Disney featurette in which the protagonists of The little Mermaid talk about the upcoming live-action film. By “protagonists” we also refer to the production team, not just the protagonists in the strict sense, i.e. the actors.

There is already talk of a record: duration

The little Mermaid will be released in Italian cinemas on May 24 and on the net there is already talk of a record: second AMC Theatres, The little Mermaid will run 2 hours and 15 minutes, breaking a record for live-action remakes.
The 1989 animated film had a runtime of 1 hour 27 minutes (87 minutes), meaning the upcoming remake added nearly an hour of new material.
This is a long-established trend: most recent live-action remakes have significantly lengthened run times. For example The beauty and the Beast of 2017 sees 129 minutes versus 84 minutes, as well as Aladdin of 2019 is characterized by 128 minutes versus 90 minutes.

An innovative work

Last March, actress Halle Bailey gave an interview to the magazine Edition in which he recounted the amazement felt in the face of the enthusiasm shown by black girls and boys who recognized themselves in the character of Ariel. “Seeing the world’s reaction was definitely a shock, but seeing all the reactions from the kids, all the dark-skinned and black girls, it really tore me apart emotionally,” the actress said.
During the same interview, Bailey also revealed that the director used water tanks and other effects to recreate the world of the film, while during the shooting she herself spent up to thirteen hours in water. “I’ve gone as far as I’ve never gone in my life. And I feel the message from her was knowing that you’ve always had it in you.”
Just the main interpreter of the new live-action film underlines the enormous innovative character that in his opinion the new film will have.
“I’m really excited about my version of the movie because we definitely changed the perspective of her just wanting to leave the ocean for a guy. It’s much bigger than that. She is about herself, her freedom, her life and what she wants. As women we are amazing, we are independent, we are modern, we are everything and more. And I’m happy that Disney is updating some of those themes,” Bailey told Edition.

Below we show the Disney featurette in which the protagonists of The little Mermaid talk about the upcoming live-action film.