The Loneliest, a clip of the new Maneskin single previewed on social networks. VIDEO

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After the publication of the official photos with the looks of the band members, i Maneskin have spread a teaser of the video clip of the individual The Loneliest, expected song by the band to be released on 7 October. The excerpt, a short clip of just over thirty seconds, shows the group’s frontman, Damiano David, singing the chorus of the song in the pouring rain. Needless to say, the anticipation has raised even more the level of attention on the next work of the acclaimed Italian band.

With the surprise publication of a piece of The Loneliestwhose release scheduled for October 7th – date widely announced by the contents published on the Maneskin social networks – Damiano and his companions have taken another substantial step in promoting the song that has all the credentials to become one of the catchphrases of the season that has just begun. Ballad with intended content, partly already revealed by a post that revealed a good part of the text, The Loneliest it’s a song full of emotions and the part of the video clip available on the net only confirms the impressions already received. Melancholy and regret are the great themes of this love song that the Maneskin sing in English. The choice is no different, therefore, from the last singles of the band whose last unreleased was Supermodelsung in preview at the last Eurovision Song Contest and quickly became one of the great hits of the summer just ended.

In addition to the lyrics, Maneskin fans have already had several days to reflect on dark and gothic atmospheres of the visual part of the new song as Damiano, Victoria, Thomas and Ethan have chosen to reveal their stage looks, each on their own personal official profile. Completely dressed as Gucci, looks designed by the stylist friend of the band Alessandro Michele, the four rockers have adopted dark and formal clothes, a real breakthrough compared to the uotfit with which they have performed in public recently. In the video clip, shot outdoors in a green park in Desio, in the province of Monza and Brianza, the musicians are hit by an abundant rain that will make the sensation of pain expressed by the song even more oppressive. For now, the anticipation concerns only Damiano but it is not excluded that in the next few hours the social media will show something more. Meanwhile, for the song, the pre-order is active on the various platforms.