The long-awaited announcement has arrived: the second season of the very popular TV series will be there!

Fans can cheer: second season of one of the most successful TV series announced; now it’s official!

After the sensational success achieved and confirmed by the ratings of the last episode, the much loved TV series will be back on the air with a new season and this time the confirmation is really official.

The long-awaited announcement has arrived: the second season of the very popular TV series will be made! (Pixabay)

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As soon as the great news was given, fans were unleashed on social networks in expressions of jubilation, immediately sending the hashtag of the series up in the trend topics. We are talking about A professor, Rai 1 fiction whose last episode was aired on Thursday 16 December.

A decidedly interesting cast contributed to the warm welcome from the audience who for 12 episodes remained glued to the TV. Alessandro Gassman, Claudia Pandolfi, Christian Filangieri, Paolo Conticini, Nicolas Maupas and Damiano Gavino and the others were a formidable group and many dreamed of being able to see them all together in a sequel to the story.

Well, the dream has come true! Journalist Paola Guarnieri confirmed this on the radio.

A professor 2, the second season of the famous TV series is coming

To the program microphones Everyone in class on RaiRadio1, Guarnieri announced the song by Francesco Gabbani “Spazio Tempo” which is the theme song for the fiction and at the end gave the wonderful news.

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“Spazio Tempo is the soundtrack to a Rai fiction, which deals with school, A professor. Alessandro Gassman plays Dante Balestra, professor of philosophy. Fiction of which the second season has just been confirmed, so the school will continue to be present also on Rai television channels ”, he explained.

At Fanpage the screenwriter Sandro Petraglia gave some anticipation on the evolution of the plot in this second part: “Probably in the second season, we could lose the stories that are now closed. The characters in the class will need to be renewed. We will do some evaluations. Since it is a cast with many characters, it is challenging for us to think of further narrative lines ”.

However, fans of Manuel and Simone can rest assured it seems: “They are not at risk. Their characters still have a lot to tell ”, assures Petraglia.

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Photo source: Rai Play

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