The lunar calendar for January 2024

2024 will begin with some great reasons to keep your eyes trained on the night sky. Lovers of shooting stars will be able to admire the Quadrantids meteor shower, which will reach its maximum peak on the night between 3 and 4 January. If all goes well, it will be possible to admire up to 120 meteors per hour! Furthermore, it will be possible to observe Mars and Uranus, moving away but still clearly visible.

The Moon between conjunctions and occultations

However, the Moon will be the true protagonist of the month, especially for the many special moments in which it will be involved. On the evening of January 8th she will conjunct Venus, duet with Mercury less than 24 hours later and have a close encounter with Mars on January 10th. Not to mention the conjunction with Saturn on January 14th and the occultation of Neptune, which will take place the following day. Finally, on January 19, Earth’s natural satellite will take part in a spectacular cosmic “ballet” with Uranus, which can only be followed by arming yourself with a telescope (or binoculars) and patience.

All phases of the Moon

To understand what the Moon’s appearance will be during these appointments, it is necessary to discover the lunar calendar of the month. The satellite will begin 2024 showing the world its last quarter, which will reach its maximum on January 2. For the new Moon we will have to wait until the ninth, i.e. the day following the conjunction with Venus. On January 18th you will be able to admire the first quarter, while for the full moon it will be necessary to wait until the 25th. The full moon in question is associated with an animal, namely the wolf and its name derives from Native American traditions. The Seneca tribe, in particular, believed that it was a wolf who created the celestial body by howling at the sky.

The Full Moon in January also has two other names: “Full Ice Moon” or “The Moon after Yule”, which translates as “The (full) Moon after Yule”. The latter term indicates a pagan festival celebrated on December 21st, with many points of contact with Christmas (the tree to decorate comes from there!). At the end of the month the Moon will return to show its last quarter again, which will reach its maximum on the 31st.